Father’s Day Gifting: Types Of Dads Edition

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If you are thinking #FathersDayPeKyaDe, we are here to help!

Fathers, like mothers, always put your needs before their own. They might never actually shower you with PDA moments like your mom but sure never fail to turn the world around for you. He leaves no moment to celebrate you- the best gift of his life. 

Your dad might talk a big game and say he does not want anything special for Father’s Day, do not play by his rule. He taught you to celebrate the people that matter the most, and now is when you put it to practice. After all, he is the one you have looked up to all your life.

If you are confused about what to gift him, we have curated a list of The Man Company Grooming Kits for every kind of dad. 

Read below to see what’s in store for you!

The Beard Lover: 

If your dad can never get enough of his beard, and it’s his mane bae, gift him The Man Company’s Ayushman Khurrana Beard Care Box. The uniquely curated grooming box contains Almond & Thyme Beard Oil, Beard Wash, and Beard Wax. Our in-house Gentleman, Ayushmann Khurrana, has handpicked all the products for gentlemen who want to stay beardiful forever. This Father’s Day gift will be his favourite thing. Even his beard will thank you. 

The Shaviour: 

If your dad is the one who shaves the day, no matter what, gift him The Man Company’s Perfect Shave Kit. The set includes a Shaving Brush, Shave Gel, After Shave Spray and Grooming Pouch. This Father’s Day gift is just the saviour for the shaviour in him. The freshness of Mint & Tea Tree will ensure that his morning shaving ritual gives him just the kickstart he needs every day. 

The Hair-throb: 

If running his fingers through his hair is your dad’s fave thing, and you see him catching a glimpse of them in the mirror now and then, we’ve got the best gift box for him. The Man Company’s Dad’s Hair Care Kit includes Coconut Hair Shampoo, Coconut & Menthol Nourishing Hair Oil, and Hair Colour Shampoo. Heartthrob or not, he’ll always stay a hair-throb with this special Father’s Day gift. Don’t blame us if his obsession with hair grows manifold.

The Fragrance Fanatic: 

If your dad has no calm when it’s about his fragrance collection, we’ve got you covered. The Man Company’s Multifaceted Man is a perfect Father’s Day gift to put him in the dad spirit. The pack includes four Body Perfumes: Blanc, Bleu, Noir and Rouge. Gift him this pack, and he will have a fragrance for every occasion. He will surely leave a fragrant trail behind in every room he steps in.

The Grooming Devotee:

If your dad follows the mantra of Eat, Sleep, Groom & Repeat, he is a real fan of everything grooming. The Man Company’s 30-Day Grooming Kit is the ultimate Father’s Day gift for him. The kit includes a Charcoal Body Wash, Biotin Shampoo, Face Wash, Daily Moisturising Cream, Deep Cleansing Nose Strips, Body Perfume Kopar and Sheet Masks. Choosing to gift this box means you choose to ensure that your old chap stays groomazing every day.

You might think we are crazy when you read what we have to say next! 

So, here goes…

Getting your dad a grooming box might be a great option, but we have a father of all gifts that tops our list this year. This Father’s Day, we recommend you to #GiftYourDadAHug. It might not add to his grooming ritual but will groom the special bond that you two share. 

And as they say, the magic is in expressing the unexpressed. The glow on your dad’s face is just what you need to look out for. 

Lastly, you can still choose to surprise him with a The Man Company Grooming Box post the hugging sesh. 😉

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