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The cinemas are gathering dust, diners denied dining, and it’s been an era since we could hug anyone at the whim of our will. The only good thing that the current pandemic has given us is a good relationship with our bodies. We are all eating healthy, adopting fitness practices to suit our needs, and going that extra mile with “just one more push up”, a new sports practice, and a more grounding Yogasana. The God bods that were a distant dream feel so achievable now. Doesn’t it, gentleman?

On this National Sports Day, why not celebrate our commitment to our bodies and go a step forward to promise ourselves healthy hygiene practices:

Wash your hands

Often. That’s the keyword. I mean I know that’s the motto of the age, but it is definitely something that we should make a universal habit. While working out, we often touch surfaces that might be carrying dust or grime. If any of that lands on the surface of our skin, it can lead to breakouts. So wash your hands often to prevent any skin damage.

Wear Cotton Socks and Briefs

While sweating it out is great, sweat and the surface bacteria contribute to infections such as ringworms and rashes. Not only are these contagious, they can also create great difficulty in keeping up with the fitness routines. Trust me; they can be irritating and painful in unpleasant places. So, wear cotton socks and briefs and use The Man Company Anti Sweat Cream to dry up the sweat and let your skin breathe.

Don’t share personal items

Speaking of fungal infections being contagious, it is important to avoid sharing personal items like soap, towels, water bottles, etc. with anyone while working out. Using your own personals can help you go a long way maintaining your fitness hygiene.

Shower before and after workout

You’ve heard of a definite need to shower after workouts. I mean your body demands it but what might sound like a strange advice is also very important. Showering before workout can help remove any oil, sebum, dust, grime, or cosmetics from your skin can get triggered by the workout sweat to cause breakouts. So choose a shower before and after your workouts using The Man Company Anti-Bacterial Body Wash.

Wash Sportswear Regularly

This is an important one because soiled or sweaty sportswear from the day before or yesterday, apart from smelling foul, can be a storehouse of infections. Meeting the sweat of today, it can really create trouble for your skin. So it is important to wash them every day.

Use wipes while cycling

Many have taken to cycling as a fitness practice during this pandemic. But cycling calls for extra attention to your health and hygiene because it exposes you to outdoor situations where any infection could be lurking. And Sanitizers might not be enough to clean surfaces that you’ll often touch while cycling. Use The Man Company Sanitizer Wipes to clean the bicycle handles and your hands as often as you’d like.

Keep cuts and scrapes clean

While working out we expose ourselves to a lot of unhealthy bacteria present in the environment which can get trapped on bruises or scrapes. It is therefore important to keep your cuts and scrapes clean with antiseptic liquid as it can help prevent further damage. 

Stay Hydrated

The days of working out tend to make us dehydrated. What with all that sweating. We lose a lot of important electrolytes too. It is therefore important to stay hydrated with plenty of water, tender coconuts, or juices that can help supply us with the necessary balance and hydration.


To smell good while working out deodorize use The Man Company’s Bleu Body Perfume.

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