Five Things About Men That Attract Women (Naturally)

Attributes that attract women naturally

It’s an innate desire. It’s something that (most) men are born with. Some minds have theorized that the desire to attract women is embedded at the genetic level in men.

It’s theorized that our genes have one and only one primary goal. To make more copies of themselves. And that our bodies and beings are just vessels that enable this process.



So when a man is not able to fulfill a desire that is rooted at such depths of his being, it causes an immense amount of grief. It causes behavioral, mental and physical issues not just for the man, but those around him have to deal with the repercussions of it as well.


It’s well and easy to look at the whole mating game from a superfluous level. It’s easy to think of it as something people do for fun. It’s easy to overlook it in a country where most marriages are arranged and sort-of…given.

However it is all fun and games ONLY for those who do not understand the criticality of the need.

The NEED for a man to be attractive to women.

But if it’s natural, shouldn’t men attract women automatically?

Yes. Men with the right attributes and ways of being always have and always will attract women. Human beings, in terms of progress have come very far since the stone age, but in terms of evolution not so much.

Our brains are wired pretty much the same way as they were then. As wild beings, the strongest in the tribe, the best hunter, the most disease resistant man who was able to provide the best used to get the most amount of mates. The same patterns carry on today.

It’s plain to the eye that a few men get a lot of attention, and a lot of them get very little, or none at all.


Yes, it is about material being. But thankfully it’s not just that. A LOT of men attract women in disproportionate amounts regardless of how fat their bank balance is.



That’s because women have chosen the best providers since ancient times. In a tribe that would usually be the men who had the best chance to become the leader eventually. (It’d take time to become the chief and by then the man would be old and taken, so it was best to choose those who had the best chances to become chief.)

It’s the men with those very attributes who attract women even today.

So, which attributes attract women?

Of the many, we’ve listed the five most important ones here.

These are the ones that have been attracting the ladies to some men (you?). And if not, you know what to do!

1. Having a purpose, and following it relentlessly

Who does well in their career and in life?

It’s almost always those who have figured what they want to do in life and chase that goal without giving up.


And even if they change the goalposts down the line, it’s not because they found the going too hard, but because they figured a more profitable way of being.

In ancient times these men would be the ceaseless hunters bringing the biggest hauls to the tribe. Later on they would be the warriors and the strategists. Today, given the diverse nature of professions, all of these men have one common marker. They are passionate, driven and relentless in doing what they do and going where they go.

Oh and another. They attract women without even having to try.


2. Being in-shape

The life span of men even till modern times wasn’t very promising. People would perish in their 30s and living past 40 was a bit of a miracle.

Women obviously wanted a man that would hang around for longer, and also, a man who was as healthy as possible, so that his offspring would be healthy as well. They wanted their children to have long lives (obviously).

Now there were no full body check ups at fancy hospitals back in time. The only way to figure a healthy man was visual. A good posture, decent muscle mass, athletic body and (possibly) blemish free skin indicating health and vigor.

The choice patterns continue today. No, no woman is (okay some maybe) expecting beefcakes that spend their lives in the gym. But they do give a lot of importance to men who look healthy and athletic.

3. Being decisive

A hesitation that lasted a second too long would mean the difference between getting food or becoming it.

A hesitation that lasted a second too long would mean the difference between having blood on your spear or having a spear in your blood.

Ancient times were brutal. Mankind had to be swift, agile and decisive in order to survive. Men, in their role of hunter-gatherers and in their fights for supremacy, even more so.

Men who could take decisions lightning fast did extremely well. Laggards perished at the tail end for not having taking enough decisions, and fast enough.

The former kinds are the ones who attract women even today.

No matter what anyone says, very few women find wussy men who hem & haw, who can’t take a call (for himself and for her), who are always taking the back seat, attractive.

Now, no one is advocating becoming domineering. There is a thin line that divides the two, and the men who attract women naturally stand right at the edge.


4. Taking risks

Those who take the biggest risks are rewarded the most.

It has been the same since forever. The biggest mammoth could very well kill you, but if slayed, could feed your tribe for weeks. The most amount of fish were found in dangerous waters where few dared venture.

The risk takers got the biggest hauls and could feed the most mouths (or perished, but then it was worth the risk). The risk takers also were the most physically able, the most agile and the bravest. So naturally they got all the ladies to be with.

And so it remains. The bad boys, the risk takers and the outlaws have the same attributes (in addition to a few negative ones). These are the kinds that attract women the most.

Not saying that you quit your job and start juggling swords. Maybe start with trying new, exotic experiences. You’ll be admired a hell lot more.


5. Intelligence

Now a LOT of importance is paid to physical looks, and rightly so. However the crowing glory of mankind, quite literally, is intelligence.


It is what has allowed us to progress this far. In fact in mankind, the size of the brains and hence the skulls grew so much that we are born premature as the size of our head at maturity would exceed that of the birth canal.

So it’d be foolish for any mating game to ignore the most critical part of our being. And it doesn’t. Women place a huge amount of importance on the intelligence of their mate. Given that in today’s day and age where tasks are less manual in nature, this importance is even more defined.

Now we’re not speaking of mathematical intelligence here, no that in isolation does not work. It’s the overall ability that is being judged. No woman is going to throw a differential equation at your face, expecting you to solve it (unless it’s your math professor).

It’s men who are witty, well read, have decent knowledge of general affairs, can explain concepts in a simple manner, and can link multiple ideas to form a single narrative, who attract women. Linguistic skills are then, but a given.


So there you have em’ five things about men that naturally attract women.

Knowledge is power. Use it wisely!


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