A Footwear Guide for the Modern Gentleman

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Mark Twain once said, “Clothes make the man, Naked People have little or no influence on society.”

The very same can be said about footwear, in fact, a great pair of shoes, is what separates the men from the boys.

Taking a detour from our usual conversations about personal grooming, today we give you a rundown on the must-have footwear that every respectable modern gentlemen should stock up in their wardrobe.

A little attention to your feet will take you a long way, quite literally, in scoring some major grooming points with peers, ladies and even ones standing in the opposition.

Without dancing around the trees anymore, gentlemen, I unveil to you the evergreen, the ever fashionable, the absolute must-have. Perfect whether you are a college student, (you dress up for the job you want, not what you have), a big company employee or a frustrated entrepreneur.

I give you, *drumroll please*, The Oxfords.


Must-Have Shoes for a Gentlemen

Suede Oxford Shoes are the new rage



Originally called Balmorals, these were derived from their place of origin in England.

They are definitely at the top of the Shoe Kingdom, and you might not necessarily like them, but you can’t definitely ignore them either. They add a touch of class to both formal and casual occasions.

Originally in patent leather and black as the color of choice, Oxfords have managed to constantly reinvent themselves, without losing their firm grasp at the top of the pile with the changing times.

They now are available in a range of colours, brown, tan and even white and a range of materials. (image source for both : www.carminashoemaker.com)


Must-have Shoes for the Gentleman

The Original Patent Leather Oxfords



Number 2 on this list of must-have footwear, are Brogues, yes yes,  I do hear your reservations in embracing this style, seen by some as over the top and quite ostentatious, well, no great object comes without frills gentlemen.

This one comes in with some show and pomp and rightly so.

Tracing its roots to Scotland and Ireland where it was first humbly crafted with untanned leather and the perforations, which later became decorative and the process was called “broguing”, were for draining out shoes while men walked across bogs (the perforations were for practical purposes Gents!).

Brouges have slowly been embraced in all walks of life from the dance floor to the boardroom, and well frankly does give your foot game a major leg up.


Must-Have Brogue Shoes

A Brogue for All seasons



A class of footwear, which have made a comeback of sorts, well they hadn’t really gone away, but have managed to capture the imaginations and have proven to be quite exciting ways possible are the Sneakers.

No more relegated to adorning feet only for physical exertions and being the everyday footwear workhorse for  a lot of people, for the longest time, sneakers were considered to be made for comfort and comfort only.

That isn’t the case any more though, with all the major big brands, previously consigned to manufacture “sport” shoes, reinventing and reasserting the fashion quotient of this class of footwear.

Designed, Manufactured and tested in hi-tech labs, sneakers are available to us in a range of materials from the classic canvas to uber hi-tech sci-fi sneakers made from almost everything, to breathable fibers to recycled plastics from the oceans.

The fashion game has also undergone a makeover with sneakers being paired with shorts, to denim jeans to even a formal ensemble and all this without appearing even a tad bit out of frame. These also make for great company for the all the wanderlust-ing one needs.

Our advice on this : go get yourself some sneaker-love and charge an assault on the ordinary.


Canvas shoes have made a great comeback as footwear of choice.

Retro Canvas Shoes Re-invented!


footwear which makes all activities fashionable.

Sneakers – one for any and all situations


fashionable footwear for the fit

Getting fit never looked better!



An honorable mention needs to be made of Boots, previously the domain of serious bikers and rockstars, these all purpose and sturdy class of footwear, have found new lovers and come in the mainstream fashion streets in a big way.

Do give these a spin if you’d like to add a dimension to your personality.


footwear for the alternate

The Classic Boots


ankle length footwear has found its fandom across ages.

Rebooting the Boot!



Rounding up this list of must-have footwear, is the ever dependable and considering the tropical Indian weather, the ever favored, Sandals.

These have become a preferred wardrobe essential for most men and we don’t begrudge it for that. With exciting new avatars of the simple sandals, this one can be a fashion statement all on its own, as long as you’re not covering them up with baggy trousers.

This is just us scratching the surface of the world of footwear, but we hope that you’ve gotten some new insights on taking your fashion game to the next level Gents.

These coupled with some essential grooming tips and some awesome hair care ideas will make you a serious candidate for the fashion journals mates.



unfashionable footwear no more!

New Age Avatars! (image source: www.frmmagazin.com)



giving the footwear a new dimension

Reinventing the Straps!                           (image source : www. barneys.com)                                  


Till next time Gents, go reinvent your footwear wardrobe and floor everyone around.









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