Get Brighter & De-puffed Eyes With Our Under Eye Cream

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It’s time to let your eyes do the talking.

Late-night binge marathons and nightly scrolls must be your guilty pleasure.

The greed does not stop at just one episode or one reel. And these treats sooner or later start to show up on your face as dark circles and puffiness.

With hectic work schedules and busy lifestyles, under-eye concerns have become a real issue, which makes your face look dull and lifeless. You can always make lifestyle changes to avoid these concerns and add an under-eye cream to your regime to fade your dark circles.

We have compiled a few changes you can make for brighter and de-puffed eyes:

Fix Your Sleep Cycle: An irregular sleep cycle might worsen your puffiness and stubborn dark circles. So fixing your schedule and getting an undisturbed 8-hour sleep is a must to get rid of under-eye bags.

Hydrate: Lack of water is another major cause of dark circles, as keeping your body hydrated is an integral part of your diet. Not having enough of it can cause puffiness and dullness around your eyes.

Avoid Sun: Exposure to the sun can affect your skin significantly, and it is proven to cause various health complications. Harmful UV rays can cause dark circles by affecting melanin and collagen. Thus protecting your skin from the sun is necessary.

Moisturise: Adding moisturiser to your skincare ritual is significant to maintain clean and healthy skin. You can add our Under Eye Cream to your regime to fulfill your under-eye needs, and we promise that your eyes will catch everyone’s attention, not dark circles.

The skin around the eyes is sensitive and fragile, making it prone to dullness, ageing and puffiness. A Dermatologically tested daytime solution, The Man Company’s Under Eye Cream helps diminish unwanted under-eye concerns. Enriched with collagen, it delivers comprehensive benefits like improved skin elasticity and hydration. Quinoa, a rich source of Vitamin B, rejuvenates and adds brightness. Be consistent and patient when using this product to unveil younger and healthier under-eyes.

Benefits of Under Eye Cream

Reduces Dark Circles: Enriched with Niacinamide, Caffeine and Hyaluronic Acid, our Under Eye Cream boosts blood circulation that helps minimise the appearance of dark circles, making your under-eye brighter.

Fights Puffiness: The Man Company’s Under Eye Cream is rich in Quinoa, a great source of Vitamin B that helps enliven new tissues and heal old ones to fight puffiness, thus rejuvenating the skin.

Maintains Skin Elasticity: The presence of collagen makes our Under Eye Cream an effective and powerful solution to tackle fine lines and wrinkles. It also adds moisture, nourishment and radiance to the under-eyes.

How To Use

Step 1: Squeeze and take a pea-sized amount on your fingertip
Step 2: Apply dots under the eyes and massage in circular motions until completely absorbed
Step 3: Leave it on overnight

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