By Kavya Singh

Gone are the days when only women spent time and resources grooming their hair. Today’s dudes are hair-conscious and sport multiple hairstyles, apart from using good quality hair products to maintain them. Read on to know the A, B, C of hair grooming.


There is no one-size-fits-all in this and you have to know your hair type to choose the best product. Here’s a simple tip, leave your hair unwashed for a couple of days. If it starts turning oily, you have an oily scalp and need a shampoo which can strip off this excess oil. If your hair looks and feels like a coir mat, go for a moisturizing shampoo or one that is for hair repair. Then there are shampoos that come with ingredients specially suited to fix problemslike hair loss, dandruff etc.

A “good hair day” isn’t just a girl thing anymore


Hair conditioners help keep your hair smooth, soft and manageable after a wash. Conditioners smoothen after shampoos do their job of cleansing. Apply no more than a small pea sized drop to your hair and don’t massage conditioner on the scalp. Leave it for 3-5 minutes in your hair and rinse off thoroughly.




George Clooney, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise…you name it and you can copy their haircut. Your friendly neighbourhood barber may not be the best bet, so choose a good salon and show a picture of what you want and they should be able to replicate it with ease. Just make sure the style goes with your face shape.



Gel and wax

Gel, mousse and wax are styling products that help keep your hairstyle intact. The rule here is the lesser the better. An overdose will make your hair stiffen up and that’s not very classy. For frequent use, go for a gel based with natural ingredients like mint, lemon or tea tree oil. These will not damage your hair in the long run.


Source: The Man Company

Hair Spray

Hair spray is used to hold hair after you have styled it. Before using a spray, be doubly sure that your hair is styled the way you want. Spray will ensure it doesn’t move out of place much, so if you haven’t styled it right, you will be stuck with a hairstyle that you don’t want, till the next wash. Use hair spray sparingly as it contains chemicals and frequent use makes hair limp and dull.

A “good hair day” isn’t just a girl thing anymore