Great Grooming Gala: Celebrating Our 7th Birthday Bash

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Our Birthday. Your Party. Because why not?

We are turning seven, and we cannot keep calm.

Talking about our journey, it was a rollercoaster ride with many ups and downs, including the Pandemic, but we have tried to stay strong to achieve more and more milestones. We strive to work hard and bring exciting products for you all.

Coming back to our birthday, when we were thinking about how to celebrate it, only one thing came to our mind, YOU!

Yes, you all. Our customers. And immediately, we wanted to do something special.

So, this year, though it is our birthday, the party is yours.

Be a part of our bash, and take advantage of all the fun, games and irresistible offers.

What is in store for you?
Seven Combos @ ₹777

We have curated seven Exclusive Combos @ just ₹777.

Your Glow Gala

The carefully curated Your Glow Gala combo ensures that your party never comes to a halt. It includes De-Tan Face Wash, De-Tan Body Wash, De-Tan Face Serum and Bold Gas Deo to make you glow like never before.

The Bold Crew

The Bold Crew combo is about letting you make a style statement and creating a lasting impression wherever you go. It is carefully curated with Eau De Parfum Polo Black and Hair Spray so that you can celebrate yourself every day.

Light Up Tribe

Curated with Eau De Parfum Night, Anti-Pollution Face Wash and Skin Brightening Cream, we hope you won’t mind if compliments keep flowing with the Light Up Tribe that is bound to keep you dazzled at every hour of the day.

Daily Care Bash

Our Daily Care Bash includes Eau De Parfum Joy, Almond & Thyme Beard Oil and Beard & Face Wash. It is for gentlemen who love to keep a beardiful look going. We believe your party will never stop once you start using this combo.

Cheer You Up Trio

We are pouring freshness with our Cheer You Up Trio, which is perfect to keep you uplifted throughout the day. It comes with Eau De Toilette Blanc, Vitamin C Face Wash and Vitamin C Serum to keep you cheerful and zesty.

Party Glow-Getter

Make your tan run away with our Party Glow-Getter, which includes De-Tan Face Gel, De-Tan Face Wash, De-Tan Body Wash and Eau De Parfum Firewood. Glowing skin will run towards you.

It’s A Grooming Fest

Do you need a reason to pamper yourself? Get our It’s A Grooming Fest, which includes Post Shave Lotion, Shaving Cream, Let’s Get Soapy Combo and Eau De Parfum Ocean, and stay and slay in a vibe filled with confidence.

Play 7 Unique Games For Exciting Offers

In the spirit of our birthday, we’ve curated 7 fun games for you to play and win groomazing offers.

Car Race Game where you can get Flat 20% Off

Candy Crush where you can get a Buy 2 Get 1 offer.

Spin The Wheel and win Jackpot Offers.

Roll The Dice to get Flat ₹100 Off on all orders.

Find Your Name and get 25% Off on orders above ₹999.

Try your hand at Slot Machine and get 30% Off on Fragrances.

Pop the Balloons to get Flat ₹500 Off on orders above ₹1499.

It does not just end here; you can also get a Free EDP Amour on orders above ₹1500 and 77% cash back plus a 7% Off on UPI.

So, what are you waiting for? Join us in the celebrations, and enjoy the party with a gala of offers.

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