Groom In The Festive Season

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Tips to celebrate yourself from head to toe.

It is that time of the year again when festivities are all set to knock on our doors.

Decking up your house and planning all the parties right is all fine. But what about planning on grooming yourself?

With all the excitement this season brings, what remains neglected is skincare and haircare.

Yes, you read it right. Gone are the days when looking your best and taking care of your skin were gender-defined.

Now you can spend more time in front of the mirror, and why not? Your skin deserves all the pampering, and we are here for it. With our grooming tips, you will look your best at every festive affair you attend.

Body Is A Wonderland

The first step to grooming is bathing. And no matter how much you hate taking those showers, it is of utmost importance. A warm shower not only relaxes the muscles in your body but also gives you cleaner and healthier skin. Our Charcoal Body Wash draws out toxins induced by pollution and purifies you from skin to soul. So, start your festive look with a refreshing shower.

Look After Your Face

If you are wondering, do you really have to? Well, yes, you do. And no, washing your face with soap is not what we are asking you to do. Invest in a good face wash like our Charcoal Face Wash and unveil glowing skin instantly. Apart from this, moisturising your face is as crucial as washing it. Get that Daily Moisturising Cream and keep your skin hydrated and nourished.

Be Beardiful

When it comes to a beard, getting a fuzz-free mane becomes essential, and getting an envious one is not hard. A few good products and the beard of your dreams will not be far away. Our Almond & Thyme Beard Oil will nourish your beard from root to tip, and Beard Wax will help make it style however you like. Follow these steps, and only you will be going places, but your mane will stay intact.

Give Your Hair A Good Day

Hair has a mind of its own, and there are days when it becomes out of control. This festive season, understand your hair needs and up your care game with our Onion Seed Hair Oil and Charcoal Shampoo. And if you are someone who loves styling his hair, we have a perfect pick for you. Our Hair Spray can help you sport a new look at every party.

Finish Your Look With A Fragrance

Your festive look, or any look for that matter, is incomplete without a fragrance. Figuring out the best perfume for you is what can be the first step toward this. We have a range of Assorted Fragrances to make you smell good all the time and complete your festive look. But make sure not to bathe in the perfume and use it in the required amount only.

At last, we have a tip to make you battle that puffiness after all those sleepless nights and drinking. An ice cube can work like magic. Also, don’t forget to keep yourself hydrated.

You know all the grooming tips, so get ready to embrace that festive fervour.

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