There are some things that you should keep in mind when you’re working. Every day it gets hectic, but you can’t lose your charm. Here are some tips that you might want to keep a track on even when you’re busy!


Don’t let yourself dry up. Keep a check on your skin to see if it’s getting dry. Apply a moisturizer, but don’t grease it up.

2. Facial hair

If you’re sporting a beard, keep it maintained. Don’t let your hair go awry.

3. Nails

Make a routine for your nails. If they grow out in a week, you should cut them on the weekend. Remember to keep them clean.

4. Fragrance

For every office going human, fragrance is very important. You meet a lot of people every day and you certainly don’t want to push them away. Instead of pushing people away, push the bad odor.

5. Fragrance Overkill

Don’t apply loads of fragrance. If you think the bad odor wins over your fragrance, go for a strong one. Apply it on your armpits and a little bit on your chest.

6. Manscaping 

Keep the love alive, but shorten it a little. Manscaping is necessary once in a while as it is directly related to hygiene.