What kind of a beard? Long, short, covering the cheek, leaving it clean, pairing with a moustache, these questions in your head can give you sleepless nights.After all, your chosen style for facial hair will determine your look for the time you keep it, and you don’t want this phase to be one of social loneliness.Our listing of ‘Facial Hairstyles Just for Your Face’ will help you at this crucial first steps of growing a full beard.

Goodbye shaving?

If you are growing a beard because you hate shaving everyday, then its probably not the right reason. You should grow one for the health benefits it offers or to transform your look. And you cannot throw your shaving kit away.Every beard needs regular upkeep. It has to be trimmed regularly to maintain the style you have chosen in step 1, otherwise you risk looking like an ape-man. Invest in a trimmer or go for a pair of good quality safety scissors.

Proper diet and sleep

If you are fingering your beard ten times a day, wondering why it isn’t growing fast, it is probably because you are not eating well or getting enough sleep. Fresh fruits, greens and a protein-rich diet works like a miracle to improve the quality of your hair. Add 8 hours of restful sleep every night, and your hair follicles will get strengthened and grow faster.


What’s the point in growing fur if its not good quality?

We bet you didn’t know how regular exercise contributes to growing healthy, lustrous hair.

Exercise improves your metabolism and blood circulation, which help in healthy hair growth. Upping the gym routine while growing a beard will give you positive results.


Like we said, we hope that growing a beard will make your life brighter. But for that to happen, it should look well groomed. Scraggy, unkempt, lump of hair will hardly attract future mates nor keep you on the popularity index for long. Here’s what you have to do –

  • Trim it regularly to your desired style and to remove split ends
  • Use a mild shampoo to exfoliate and clean away the dirt that gets accumulated in the beard
  • Comb it well to untangle the snarls
  • Rub in some beard wax or beard oil to keep it smooth and shiny