Hair Growth Tips for Men – Grow Stronger & More Attractive Hair

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Do you want thick and strong hair? A lot of men, who want to grow thick hair, as hair being the crown glory to give you youthful appearance. Not just that, your hair enhances your look and for men they can change their look by different hair styles. But, due to certain factors one can experience, thinning of hair, hair fall and many such problems related to hair. These issues can be experienced by millions of men across the globe. 

As men, you should not stay away from taking care of yourself or your hair. Everyone wants to look good and this is why so many products that claim to get you strong and natural hair.

Taking care of your hair not just encourage the growth of hair but also strengthen your hair roots. Nature has given us a lot utilising which, we can certainly grow strong and thick hair strands.
Even though there is no magic trick involved yet you can quickly boost the growth and get results in curbing the hair issues. 

Natural Ways for Good Hair Growth

Healthy Diet

Diet is something that you must take a look at whenever you face issues with your health, skin or hair. Eating the right food items will ensure you get stronger hair strands. Try to incorporate food items rich in vitamin B complex, zinc and iron. You can even consult a dietician, who can help you in fixing a good diet for your hair. In fact, a lot of people also take supplements for Vitamin B complex, Omega 3 fatty Acids, Biotin and many others. Vitamins are also essential to get rid of hair problems. Nuts like walnuts, cashew nuts, Almonds have loads of Omega 3 fatty acids to make your hair look shinier and luxurious. You must also include seeds like flaxseeds, Chia seeds to increase the intake of good fats in your body.

Importantly, you must include enough of the proteins in your diet. High amount of proteins will lead to thicker and strong hair. For that you can have Meat, Lentils, Almonds, Walnuts and other highly protein rich food items. Lastly, keeping yourself hydrated is also the key to have beautiful skin and hair.  

Hair Care Products

When you wish to grow hair while combating the hair fall, the first thing you need to do is to stay away from chemical loaded products. Yes at times, these product stagnate your hair growth. Hair care products like shampoos, hair oils and conditioners containing chemicals should be avoided go for naturally made products.

Also, if you wash your hair daily, you must avoid that. Washing the hair using shampoo everyday can strip of the natural lubricating oils leaving the hair dry, brittle and prone to break easily. This is where many men go wrong at first. To enjoy beautiful hair, you must wash your hair with shampoo on alternate days. UV rays can cause havoc to hair and also weakens the hair strands from the roots. Using good hair conditioner regularly locks the moisture and prevents the hair from getting damaged. 

Hair Styling Products

With lots man going with styling devices like hair dryers, hair straighteners, and what not. But they don’t realize, these products can cause their hair to become brittle and easy to snap. You can avoid the hair damage due to heat by limiting the use of hair styling products. To dry your hair quickly, instead of using the hair dryer too close to the roots, you can keep it at least 12 inches away. Before styling your hair, applying good quality heat protectant spray would shield the hair from getting damaged.

Hair Oils

You must have heard that oiling your hair regularly, boost not just hair growth but also keeps your hair naturally moisturized. Yes there are good brands of hair oil for hair growth that increases growth and strengthens the roots. Applying an effective hair growth oil for men  fetches great results. 

For this, you can try The Man Company hair growth oil with Bhringraj and Basil. As it’s a unique blend of both of these herbs, it actively promotes the growth of new hair follicles. Being an advanced hair treatment, it adds body and bounce to your thinning hair. One can apply it every alternate day at night. Oiling at night is the best time to get all the nutrients your oil has to offer. You can use the oil to give yourself a gentle head massage and wash the hair with a mild shampoo.  

Bhringraj has been utilised since ages to make hair thicker and resistance to damage. Therefore, the herbal hair oil not just shields your hair from day today damage but also encourageous the proper growth. It is a paraben and sulfate free product that’s safe for sensitive scalp.

Lifestyle Changes 

With this, we mean you need to change your lifestyle and habits in order to enjoy good hair. It’s not that difficult, once you think o the wonderful benefits you can have. You can surely reduce the alcohol consumption, if you’re experiencing excessive hair loss. Not just that drinking alcohol also reduces the growth of your hair.

Other than that avoid smoking and try to do more physical activities like you can go for walk, swimming or bike riding for 30 minutes a day. Exercising 3 times in a week ensure that your hormone levels are balanced and stress is reduced considerably. All these collaborative effect reduces the hair fall and revitalizes the hair.

Hair Care Tips for Men

It would be good that you never comb your hair while they are still wet. Many men have this habit that makes hair vulnerable to split ends and hair roots getting weak. We would suggest that you dry your hair with a soft towel.

Getting healthy hair is not difficult if you implement the preventive measures and the tips shared. And with this we hope, you would get strong and wonderful looking hair.

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