Here’s your guide to keep the lockdown stress away

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The current wave of COVID-19 pandemic is affecting us all in one way or another. Even if you are not usually an anxious person, it is common to feel some anxiety during this period of uncertainty.

If you are feeling anxious during this time of isolation, know that you aren’t alone and together we will conquer this crisis. Here are 7 simple tips to ensure your mental & spiritual well-being. Practicing these will not only help you to maintain a positive lifestyle, but also keep you further away from stress, boredom, frustration and loneliness. 

Dwell in the present

In testing times like these, it is very important to live in the moment and take one day at a time. Try focusing on the present- not the past and not even the future. When you find yourself worrying too much, take a step back, breathe in and avoid overthinking.

Connect, not disconnect

Staying in touch with your friends and family can make a big difference! Even in this era of social distancing, you can still stay connected with your loved ones through regular phone and video calls. You could also plan a family meal or a game night to feel less isolated and lonely.

Set up a routine

Structuring your day right during the isolation period helps feel more productive and also gives a sense of control. Before you begin your day, set a small target and work towards it. If you are struggling to get things done, it’s okay! The key lies in starting small, making small improvements every passing day and being kind to yourself.  

Look for a silver lining

With more extra time on your hands, you can now engage in activities that you enjoy doing. You can use this time as an opportunity to learn a new skill, read your favourite book, try out a new recipe, binge watch shows and take care of your body. Indulging in such activities can help take your mind off this difficult situation.

Take a breather

Need to feel relaxed? The minute you feel overwhelmed, leave everything that you are doing (Especially the negative thinking) and take a few deep breaths. All you’ve got to do is take a breath in and then slowly let it out. Meditation is another great way to calm your mind and feel more at ease. 


Practise these 5 tips regularly to keep anxiety at bay and tide over the lockdown period.

Above all, stay at home and stay safe.

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