HOLI CARE – Everything Your Skin Needs To Brave The Holiday

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Whether you’re thankful for the good harvest, or you’re welcoming spring after the frosty winter our country saw this year or just celebrating good over evil, Holi is a close second when it comes to favourite holidays for Indians. A giant paint ball fight, minus the painful pellets and the rules. If you’ve been playing for a while, you’d know that not everyone plays with organic colours and there’s always that one dude who has a bag full of (semi) permanent colour to rub your face with. In which case, we need to make sure we’re prepared for everything our face and hair is susceptible to on Holi.
Apart from the basic wear white and douse your face and hair in oil rules, we have a list of precautionary measures and post holi care ready for you which may seem extra but will most definitely help your skin and hair in the long run.

Holi Prep

Hair & Beard Oil

The no-brainer, fuss-free precaution everyone takes before heading out to play holi. Lather Onion Seed Oil all over your hair- but keep it away from your face! Oil can block your pores and create problems later. The second step that’s almost always skipped- beard care. The hair on your face needs protection as well! Keep the Argan and Geranium beard oil on through the day and watch the colour wash off with ease.

Sunscreen (40+ SPF)

In case you forgot- Holi is an outdoor activity. You’re going to be playing in the sun, maybe you get wet too. This is the perfect opportunity for the sun to creep into your skin and damage it. PROTECT your skin with SPF.

Post Holi

Face Cleansing

Not letting the colour sit on your face should be of the highest priority after playing holi. Use the Charcoal Face Wash for the deep clean your face deserves.  Massage your face thoroughly with the Moisturising Cream to bring back lost hydration after all the scrubbing and cleaning.

Body & Hair Care

Let The Charcoal Gang help you remove the colour from every crevice of your body – it can make you feel itchy and your hair can become brittle if you don’t clean it out properly. If there is any remaining colour on your face, you can use the face scrub.

Beard Care

The colour, sun and other miscellaneous things that you ended up playing with could dry out your beard- so after giving it a nice wash make sure you re-hydrate it well.
Pro-Tip: If your face is still feeling dry and flaky, use the Vitamin C Face Serum for the hydration hit your face deserves.

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