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Flirting Tips, How To Flirt With a Girl, Flirting At A Party
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So are you gonna be single at the Christmas and New Year Parties this year? That’s great. Because that means that you have the license to flirt with all the cute single girls there! Just make sure that you’re flirting right: Get these girls to notice you as the cute guy at the party, and not the creep. So let’s work on getting your flirting game right this party season.

Strike Up a Conversation

First of all guys, confidence is sexy. So don’t just admire her from a distance, walk up to her.

Open with something interesting, so that she feels like replying, rather than giving you the cold shoulder. If you’re a naturally funny guy, that’s a big plus! Be yourself, switch on the funny, make her laugh: make it easy for her to warm up to a friendly stranger.

Let me give you an example: don’t open with something like “Hi. How are you? I am Amit. I stay in Sector-18” It’s lame and borders on the creepy.

Even if you look like Ryan Gosling, it’s still not the best way to flirt (By the way, learn here how to look great despite the after-party fatigue)

A much better opening line would be “The one time you’re in a hurry the valet takes forever to bring your car.”

Or maybe “New Year Parties are great. What’s not to love about an exorbitant cover charge for cold appetizers and stinky loos?”

Cool, right? It makes you sound interesting, and it’s non-personal. See, all you have done is made an observation, and it doesn’t really require a response. Now here’s why it works: It gives the girl space, an option of not engaging this conversation. And so, even if she doesn’t reply, you don’t look like a loser. Brilliant stroke!

But guys, please steer clear of clichéd pick-up lines: think of something original. (Unless of course, you have the charm to pass off corny in an ironic way).

Come on, it takes preparation to be a good flirt 🙂

Flirting Tips, How To Flirt With a Girl, Flirting At A Party

Use Your Charm

I have a feeling that she will respond to your opening line. If she does, swoop right in!

Let’s say she responds with something equally interesting like “Yes, isn’t that Murphy’s Law” or “And the one time in the year you will hear J Lo singing Waiting for Tonight

This is when you introduce yourself:

“Wise man, Murphy! I am Amit, by the way” or “Sure, she’s been waiting since 1999! By the way, I am Amit”

If she doesn’t reply to your opener but simply smiles, smile back and let it go. Don’t push it. A good flirt waits for the right time 🙂

Work Your Magic

Now that you have worked your charm on her, say something nice that will click with her. Compliment her; but do it in a way that lets her know that you’re flirting, without scaring her away.

So obviously it’s too soon for a very personal compliment like “You look nice”

But you could try something like “I like talking to you” or “You’re witty”

A good flirt will now smoothly work in some personal details like where he works or lives. If she is interested, she will share with you something about herself, and you can find common ground for a little flirty chat.

You may want to take things further. Go for it, give her your number. But don’t go around expecting her to call you. This bit is only to tell her that you’re interested in her.

A good flirt has his moves marked, but also knows what response to expect 🙂

The idea is to leave her thinking about you a little longer after you have left; to make her look forward to her next chance meeting with you. And if you’re really good, get her heart beating a little bit faster.

Flirting Tips, How To Flirt With a Girl, Flirting At A Party

If you can do this, congratulations! You have now mastered the art of flirting with a girl!

What happens next depends on how desirable you are (check out my blog Why Should She Fall for You– New Year Resolutions Worth Keeping).

Start laying the ground work now guys, at these year-end parties, and you won’t end up alone by the time it’s Valentine’s Day 🙂

Make the effort, it’s worth it!


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