A wrist watch is not just a style statement. Some people have fetish for watches and some just like to wear them cuz well, they help tell the time. Nowadays they also read out your mails, help you take calls and monitor your heart rate.

A watch can range from a meager Rs.100 to a massive Rs. 1 Crore (and sometimes more).

So if you’re planning to buy a good watch and want to invest a bundle, you should run through this quick guide before flashing one on your wrist!




To begin with you have to decide the type of watch you want to have.

There are 3 types for you to choose from: Analog, digital, analog/digital.

Analog watches are considered formal. They have hours and minutes hand with markers to display a 12 hour day. Digital watches are completely casual equipped with LCD or LED face. (Smart watches also come within the domain of digital watches.)

Analog/digital is the amalgamation of both, and not too commonly seen on wrists.


Type of battery


Batteries too, are of 3 types.

Digital watches are powered by a tiny battery. Quartz watches run on electrified quartz crystal and are accurate.

Mechanical watches are run by a line of gears and springs.


Watch glass


Glass which covers the watch face is of 3 types as well.

Plexiglass, which can’t be shattered but can be scratched. Mineral glass can be shattered but not scratched.

Synthetic sapphire is expensive and scratch resistant but can be broken easily.




Bands are of three types.

Leather band which include alligator bands, crocodile skin bands, etc. These are considered more formal.

Metal band or stainless steel bands are considered a little less formal, so they are perfect for daily wear.

Synthetic material based bands are the least formal of them all and are used for sports and smart watches.




Cases can be made up of titanium, platinum, gold, silver or steel. It’s up to you how much you can spend on a watch!