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Ban The Summer Tan

Summer and tanning go hand in hand! We can’t do much about the summer sun, but we can tackle the tanning bit, right?What causes tanning?

For men who are always on the go, over-exposure to pollution and UV rays affects the skin severely. It causes damage to your skin cells, speeding up premature ageing. Your skin becomes dull and dehydrated and causes severe sunburns. If you are a guy who hits the beach often or your work constantly keeps you out in the sun, we’ve got you covered. 

As much as some of you men might love sporting that tanned sunkissed look, you love that even-toned and fresh-looking face more than anything in the world. We will give you the solution you need this season to ban the summer tan. 

At The Man Company, we have got you just the products you need to defy tanning. 

What are they, you ask? Here goes!

De-tan Face Pack

Make Suntan Pack Its Bags! 

A gentleman does not care about the sun, but he sure does care about the suntan. 

The Man Company’s De-tan Face Pack is formulated with Multani Mitti and Liquorice to give you tan-free and brighter skin. As the hero ingredient, Multani Mitti removes tan, evening out your skin tone, keeping acne at bay. It also removes excess oil from your skin and keeps it looking fresh. On the other hand, the antioxidant powers of Liquorice brighten the skin and repair UV damage. 

Here is your perfect solution to have suntan pack its bags and leave! 

What Makes The De-Tan Face Pack Powerful?

Multani Mitti

Evens skin tone

Reduces tan 

Fights acne & dark spots




Repairs UV damage


For best results, apply the De-tan Face Cream after using the De-tan Face Pack. We recommend using it once or twice weekly, depending on the amount of tanning you have.

De-tan Face Cream

Goodbye suntan! Hello, brighter skin! 

If you are a gentleman who is always on a roll without caring about the sun, we’ve got a solution to ban that tan. 

The Man Company’s De-tan Face Cream is formulated with Multani Mitti and Liquorice to give you tan-free and brighter skin. Multani Mitti removes tan, evening out your skin tone, and keeps acne at bay. Liquorice is an excellent antioxidant that brightens, moisturises and repairs UV damage. Now step out in that scorching sun with zero worries. 

What Makes The De-Tan Face Cream Powerful?

Multani Mitti 

Evens skin tone

Reduces tan 

Resolves acne




Repairs UV damage


Post washing your face, use the De-tan Cream every day to keep your skin glowing and fresh. 

In order to keep yourself protected from the sun, wear an SPF, sunglasses or a hat when heading out. You can check out The Man Company’s Sunscreen Lotion to keep your skin safe and guarded. Choose to wear light breezy clothes over tight ones to keep that heat away. 

Now go out in the sun, have fun & ban that tan! 

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