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Someone I know had their collarbone inked with a tiny pug paw, reminiscent of their pet pup who left the world a little too soon. A friend has an eagle soaring out of their nape, claiming flight. Another has a doe flying out of a golden cage, expressing calm freedom. A traveler I met had the whole of his body covered in signs of the tribe he claims he saw in a dream. And yet another has his whole arm inked with a psychedelic rendition of his journey through self-actualization. 

I have known many who have dared the needle to let their stories be written on the surface of their skins. They have tried making their skins into a cover to the book of their lives. Conversation starters, scorn receivers, all our tattoos are amazing story tellers. Stories that are going to be with us throughout our lives. Stories that won’t need telling. Stories that will catch eyes and leave un-inked skins and unheard stories a chance to surface. Stories that will make those without tattoos add ‘want to get inked’ in their bucket lists.

Every tattoo speaks a story. Through each one of these, we let the canvas of our body display our innermost desires and conflicts, love and longing, rebellions and calm. These stories are going to live with us forever. They are going to speak our minds, claim our truths and boast it out to the world in wonderful colors of our liking. 

For many of us, our tattoos have been an act of claiming our bodies against the societal norms of keeping it clean for others to see. For some, inking the clothed parts of their bodies has been a hidden act of rebellion. For yet others they’ve been an act of displaying love, of ‘Sanjanas’ and ‘Karans’, of ‘Daddy’s little daughters’ and ‘Mother’s favorite sons’. 

We’ve dared the needle or tried hand pokes to journal our life journeys onto the surface of our bodies. We’ve made book covers out of the book that is our life. So, shouldn’t we keep them polished?

The only way we can relive these stories, etched onto the surface of our skins is through nourishing them constantly. Our stories demand being told. They need to shine bright and brighter each day to catch as many eyes and draw as many conversations. They demand being polished and taken care of. And the face of our stories, that are these tattoos ask for more than just hygiene. They need to be oiled and cared for, nourished and conditioned. 

So, get yourself The Man Company Tattoo Care Combo contains the Tattoo Oil that enhances the appearance of your ink and Tattoo Lotion that nourishes and moisturises the skin when your tattoo is recent and requires extra love and attention.

Tattoo Oil

Tattoos are a contemplated art that is marked on the canvas, that is your body. Keep them bold and glossy with the oil specially formulated for keeping your ink bright. Tattoo Oil is an after care oil that will deliver unmatched shine and gloss to the ink.

Packed with essential oils of Grape Seed and Chamomile, this oil gives the Tattoo an extra glow. When you are heading out for a party or the occasion demands extra styling go for the Tattoo Oil to add that extra glow to your tattoo.

Tattoo Lotion 

Tattoo Lotion is an after care lotion that helps protect and moisturise the ink. Enriched with selected blend of Shea Butter, Moringa and Vitamin E, this lotion is what your dehydrated tattoo needs. When you have just gotten inked make sure to use the Tattoo Lotion to protect your raw skin and keep it moisturised.

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