The Man’s One-Hour-Workout Playlist – Vol. 1 (Rock/Metal)

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Working out is the modern man’s method of hitting Nirvana – nothing quite compares to the feeling of watching oneself grow in mind and (certainly) body – whether you’re pumping iron, hitting that last kilometer or giving your gear a run for its money.

That is, until you realize that the last fifteen minutes of your workout were in sync with Techno music that went out of style way back in the 90s.

Music, since time immemorial, has been used as a tool of motivation and power –  from ancient war drums to modern day pre-bout tracks before boxing matches. Listening to music when you throw around some weights isn’t exactly a brand new concept by any means, but scientific studies point out several benefits to pumping iron with a background score cheering you on – from increased stamina, pain regression, dopamine release and more.

Sounds good? What kind of music must one listen to, you may ask?

The answer is like any other – it depends. Every man on a quest for the perfect body has a different idea of it – as well as different preferences when it comes to gear and equipment. As a rule of thumb, however, keep in mind:

  • Aerobic exercise is best performed with music in the 120-140 BPM range.
  • Songs that trigger positive emotional memory channels. (Eye of the Tiger, anyone?)
  • Lyrical aggression and motivation – this plays a large role in placing your mind in the zone for a tough workout.

Every good man knows the value of good music, but for the uninitiated – here’s ten workout Rock/Metal classics that’ll help keep you light on your feet.

  1. Heartbreaker – Led Zeppelin

Let’s face it – no man ever listens to this song without feeling a tiny bit cheeky inside. A timeless riff, steady tempo and absolutely kickass solo make this a great companion for cardio and calisthenics.


  1. Everlong – Foo Fighters

Possibly one of the best songs to ever feature Dave Grohl (no easy feat there), this song has an easy-going tempo, soulful lyrics and is a fantastic choice for light cardio, jogging and cycling.


  1. Minor Thing – Red Hot Chili Peppers

Early 2000’s RCHP was possibly one of the best acts in music for a long time to come – this track in particular sees guitarist John Frusciante at his peak – fast, unrelenting and always a joy to listen to. Put this one on for a round of sprints, higher BPM cardio and cycling.


  1. Elephant – Tame Impala

One of the newer numbers on this list, yet worth all the same. This 2012 number from Tame Impala is brilliant for long reps of any exercise, including bodyweights, high rep weights and has the added benefit of being super fun to just rock out to.


  1. War Pigs – Black Sabbath

Long, drawn out and packed with aggression, Black Sabbath’s classic is perfect for upper-body day – crank this to 11 and get ready for lifting, weighted squats and strength training.


  1. Fat Bottomed Girls – Queen

Another cheeky, fun song to play, Queen’s classic has a brilliant tempo and riff that makes it perfect for weights, bodyweight exercises and jogging.


  1. Smells Like Teen Spirit – Nirvana

Nirvana’s most remembered offering holds that title for a reason – the song’s lyrics, overdriven guitar and vocals really do get your blood pumping. A good choice for weights, lifting, HIIT exercises.


  1. Welcome To The Jungle – Guns N’ Roses

Wild and unchained is what Axl Rose screams about here – which is exactly what we’re looking for. Lose your restraint and push for those gains – great for HIIT cardio, HIIT bodyweight exercises and lifting.


  1. The Police – Message In A Bottle

Not every workout playlist needs music that shakes you awake and smashes your ears into oblivion – this timeless classic is great for rest between exercises, low intensity calisthenics and jogging.


  1. Thunderstruck – AC/DC

Get ready to be shocked awake – it’s impossible to consider taking a break when listening to this electrifying masterpiece. Let Angus Young shout his brains out while you motivate yourself to finish those last few laps and reps before you call it a day.

These songs have graced gyms across the world for decades, and for good reason. Pick and choose from here to get you started.

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