Mens Hair Fall Protection and Prevention Guide

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Hair loss is amongst the most common problem that men and women both suffer every day. It is observed that normally a person loses 50-70 hair strands everyday that is considered normal. But when a lot of hair strands start falling off and does not grow back, there can be a sign of worry. There are multiple causes and factors that lead to hair fall and loss. That includes mineral deficiency, stress, pollution, hereditary, certain critical illness and others. Hair loss problem even amplifies for men who start to experience bald patches in the hair because of this excessive hair loss. So here we’re you are going to talk about the best working guide for hair fall protection and to prevent loss of hair.

Hair Washing

Washing your hair with a good everyday and mild shampoo can prevent the hair loss by keeping the hair and scalp squeaky-clean. At times dandruff and excessive oils on the scalp can lead to hair breakage and eventually hair starts to lose prematurely. Proper cleaning can give you good for health.

Hair Oils

Massaging the scalp regularly at least once in 15 days with a good hair oil leads to less hair fall. Scalp massaging also boosts circulation of blood in the scalp that makes your hair follicles remain active  and stimulated. Additionally, you can also apply good hair growth oil. Hair growth oil helps to stimulate the hair follicles and make them grow faster. These anti hair fall oil for men also put a stop on excessive hair fall. The Man Company Bhringraj and Basil oil is formulated with a paraben free formula that locks the protein and stimulates the growth.
Applying this hair growth oil at least once in a week would give you benefits in getting healthy hair, smooth texture and resilience.

Anti Hairfall Serum

Serums are equipped and loaded up with ingredients which also lead to the growth of new hair follicles. These hair serums are effective products that can minimise hair loss. The Man Company anti hair fall serum contains Fenugreek and Moringa. Both of these help to stimulate the blood circulation, thereby boosts hair growth. The hair serum for men is 98.5% natural, sulphate and paraben free formula. The light weight and non oily product can be applied everyday without feeling sticky residue on the scalp.  


Staying away from dandruff is one of the important things that men with existing hair fall condition must take care of. Dandruff can also leads to hair fall, this is why putting a stop on dandruff is the best thing that you can do for curbing hair fall. Good dandruff shampoo would give you multiple benefits in reducing hair fall. Like The Man Company anti dandruff shampoo for men which is enriched with Apple Cider Vinegar. Treating the flakes, it’s paraben and sulphate free shampoo suitable for all scalp types. Moreover it can be applied daily to keep the hair moisturized and adds volume by washing away the dandruff. This anti dandruff shampoo also contains Moringa extracts and Neem.


Protein rich diet ensures that your hair gets thick and healthy. As your hair is made of proteins, a good protein rich diet can help combat the hair fall issues in a better way. Make sure you eat protein rich foods like eggs, fish, meat, legumes, lentils and to stop and hair loss.

Stress and Hormonal 

Stress and hormonal levels also plays a role in hair growth. Doing physical activities everyday ensures hormones to get balanced. This would in the long-term reduce hair fall and keep the hair growth in good condition.

Hair Styling

Don’t make your hair go through a lot of hair styling and heat treatments. This can weaken the hair roots and damages the proteins and in the long-term, it causes excessive hair loss and hair damage.


Keep your hair away from chemicals. Using chemical rich products, hair colours, styling products lead to more hair loss. Therefore, you must use natural and organic products which are free of the harmful chemicals.

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