1. An average human brain can produce enough electricity to light a bulb!

2. Every memory forms a new brain connection.

3. Approximately 60% of your brain is nothing but fat.

4. The brain scan of a heroine addict and that of a person during orgasm is identical.. yes, sex is addictive.

5. No amount of alcohol is enough to make you capable of forgetting things – it's just the after 'pass-out' phase where your brain isn't able to record any memories.

6. The whole left-brain right-brain concept is a myth. They both work simultaneously!

7. A lack of oxygen for even 5-10 minutes can result in permenant brain damage!

8. The brain is painfree. It never feels pain due to lack of pain receptors.

9. Brain does suffer effects of power. Once a person becomes powerful – in terms of wealth – the brain starts eliminating empathy and the structure changes.

10. Your brain will develop till you're about 40 years old.

11. It takes approximately 6 minutes for the brain cells to react to alcohol.