Why Should She Fall for You- New Year Resolutions Worth Keeping

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So you know who the girl of your dreams is – she is great fun to hang out with.. her smile can light up a room.. she makes you believe in yourself.. your friends think she is too good for you…

Wait, what? Yes your friends think she’s too good for you.

And maybe, just maybe they are right.

As the great relationship epic of our times How I Met Your Mother has taught us, every relationship has a reacher and a settler. And of course you wanna be the Settler 😉 and the girl, no matter how desirable, should be the Reacher. Right?

Let’s get down to business then. How do you ensure that you’re worth it?

Well, it takes planning and it takes work. With the New Year’s Eve round the corner, here’s what should be on your list of Resolutions worth keeping:

new year resolutions, how to impress a girl, flirting tips, relationshipsWork Out Regularly

I know it’s on your list every year and yet there’s not a single year that you’ve been able to cross it off. So how’s this year gonna be any different? Well, for one, the way you track your results: do not postpone milestones or victory to results. Instead, focus on regularity and celebrate each week that you’re able to keep up on your commitment. It’s not about the weight you shed as much as how well the shirts, tees and suits start falling on you. (Yes, we notice all that)

new year resolutions, how to impress a girl, flirting tips, relationshipsRead Books

Reading makes you an interesting person, because you know more. Plain and simple. You don’t have to read Charles Dickens if that’s not your scene. Start with anything that interests you – it could be R.K. Laxman’s stories, Sherlock Holmes or even Harry Potter. Not a fan of fiction? Read autobiographies, conspiracy theories. Scared of big fat books? Start with ones that fit into your definition of ideal weight and size 😉 But do read books. And that’s independent of newspapers, tabloids – even blogs! Because everyone wants to be around a great conversationalist.

new year resolutions, how to impress a girl, flirting tips, relationshipsLearn how to cook

There’s something desirable about a guy who’s not completely at sea in the kitchen. If you’ve never been introduced to this skill, you can start small- learn how to toss a salad, whip up an omelette or even beat coffee. You never know, it could be the way to your girl’s heart.

new year resolutions, how to impress a girl, flirting tips, relationshipsLearn to Dis-connect

Practice and discipline yourself in the use of gadgets and the online world. Once you are de-addicted, you’ll find yourself being more present while with her and more attentive to her conversations. Now what could be more desirable?


Know Your Language

Pay attention to the language you use. Do you start every sentence with “Frankly speaking” or intersperse your sentences with “What I mean to say is” or end every point you make with “You get me, right”. Drop annoying fillers and make your conversation instantly more alive and interesting.

new year resolutions, how to impress a girl, flirting tips, relationshipsLearn how to compliment

Yes, complimenting is an art that can instantly elevate your game. Start with sincerity, but tailor it to sound like poetry. It’s the difference between “You have a nice smile” and “How could I say no that beautiful smile”; between “That’s a good point” and “What a fresh perspective- I wish I had thought of that”; between “It’s been fun hanging out with you” and “I wish this day had not come to an end”. The road to being irresistible starts with a single compliment 😉

how to impress a girl - new year resolution- photographyCultivate your softer side

Certain interests lend to your personality a depth of character. So find out what is it that you could be interested in – you could pick up a pen, a guitar, the microphone, a frying pan or a backpack. Cultivate an interest that works on the softer aspects of your persona. Attraction guaranteed!


 Take it from an eternal Settler – from the other person’s perspective atleast 😉

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