It’s a horrible feeling when no one wants to be close to you because of the way you smell. But life isn’t over yet as here are a few tips for you to persue.



Problem: Underarms sweating and reeking.

Solution: It can be as simple as changing the routine of your everyday shower. You can start by using a deep-cleaning and exfoliating body wash. Afterwards, apply an aluminum or zinc based deodorant hat destroys odor causing bacteria.



Problem: Hair and scalp still left with an unusual scent.

Solution: This can be due to a harmless bacterium generated in the scalp and the shampoo you are using is not stringent enough to erase it. Make sure to lather and not only rinse or switch to a clarifying shampoo that includes sulfur, zinc or tar. These help to soak up the extra oil. Also, if you’re applying conditioner then make sure to use very little and not during every shower. Too much of it leaves the hair looking oily.



Problem: Mint, Gum and Brushing aren’t helping the breath.

Solution: Get yourself an appointment with a dentist because bad breath is usually caused by food particles remaining in the mouth so a wide spread cleaning could be due. Apart from that, the dentist can check for cavities, gum disease and a low salivary flow which creates the odor from your mouth. Be sure to then use your dental set of floss, mouth wash, brushing and tongue scrapers.



Problem: Been avoiding sex because of the odor down there.

Solution: Each man has his signature scent below the belt so when you notice a new smell that’s fouler or stronger even after washing, something’s not quite right.  Wash up with a lathering antibacterial soap preferably morning, night and after working out. Then it is crucial to make sure you are completely drying off and avoiding the dampness to fight off the bacteria and odor-causing fungal growth. You can use baby powder mixed with a jock itch powder to absorb moisture, trim your pubic hair to reduce sweating and wear light cotton underwear to let the skin breath.



Problem: The feet are spreading a horrible scent.

Solution: There’s bacteria that lives on your skin and shoes that eats your sweat and produces an acid byproduct that smells awful. This bacteria can be reduced by creating a drier habitat for your feet. You can soak your feet in saltwater everyday for two weeks as it eliminates the bacteria that survive on them. For extra help, you can bathe your feet in vinegar since it has a drying off effect and the bacteria will starve. Mix one part vinegar with two parts water for this. Picking the right socks is a must as well. Using cotton socks allows air for the skin and if they sweat extra, change them during the day.