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Meet Kaolin, the clay your face would love.

Imagine, sitting watching the day pass by like dust floating in a sun ray with a relaxing song on, any favorite would do; and a creamy, soothing face pack relaxing and treating your face. Isn’t it such a homely experience to give these gentle moments of self-care that still, for many of us, is just a suggestion collected and forgotten?

If skin care interests you it is only natural that you’ve heard of clays. The relaxing experience of leisurely applying a creamy, thick layer of a cl

ay mask can be so comforting. It is everything that our sisters would swear by and friends advice. Clays, especially Kaolin Clay, in all its forms and colours have so many benefits that your skin care will find its evolution on your terms. 

Kaolin Clay, also called White Clay or China Clay is a mild, naturally occurring clay. It is loaded with plant minerals, resting under moist earth and other naturally occurring minerals like Kaolinite, Iron, etc. Kaolin Clay has traditionally been used in many diverse cultures across the world to treat skin with care. With a very soft texture and fine grains, this is one of the mildest and effective cleansers to ever honor a skin care formula. Unlike most of other naturally occurring clays that need a moisturizing agent to make a comfortable face pack with, Kaolin is the only one that doesn’t dry your skin out. Add to that, the following benefits, and you’ll find your new skin care favorite in no time:

1.Kaolin is a mild facial cleanser

With its soft, gentle texture and fine particles, Kaolin easily sloughs away dust and grime. Everything that your face dares through the day, will be gone with just one easy use of this clay. Everything that has accumulated on that natural glow, gone with just one use! And it does so without making your skin feel dried out

2.It improves skin tone and elasticity

The clay’s fine particles gently exfoliate your skin while improving its circulation. This helps rid your skin of any dead matter that’s accumulated there and help your skin have a more radiant appearance. It does all of that rather softly leaving your skin feeling supple, lightening its tone, and improving its texture.

3.It absorbs impurities

Your face dares so many pollutants and grime each day. This gentle clay absorbs everything that clouds and masks your glow with a dull, blemished appearance. While wet, it easily penetrates the skin sucking all the impurities out, and as it dries, it closes the pores leaving your skin feel refreshed and free of any grime that was otherwise wrecking havocs on your glow.

4.This clay gently exfoliates

As you rub Kaolin on your face, it rubs off and sloughs away the dead skin and damage that would either rest their arresting your glow or triggering breakouts. And it does so in a very soothing and non-abrasive manner. As it does all of that for your face, neither does it strip your skin of its natural oils, nor does it leave it feeling sensitive or irritated.

5.It softens and leaves your skin supple

As opposed to the general chatter around clays, Kaolin Clay doesn’t need a hydrating agent to go with it. It doesn’t need you to find the right dose of Aloe Vera to go with. On its own, it leaves your skin feeling supple and hydrated. It does so, as it removes the impurities without stripping your skin of its natural hydration.

All in all, Kaolin Clay helps make your skin soft, supple and healthy without leaving it dry. Add to that Coffee Arabica and its refreshing nature and you have a perfectly groomed radiant face.

Treat your face to a pack of coffee with our Caffeine Face Pack. Enriched with Kaolin Clay, this face pack detoxes and soothes your skin while leaving it glowing and recharged.

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