Play Up Your Post Holi Grooming

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Skincare & haircare tips for the #GentlemanInYou

As much as we love the festival of colours, Holi, what worries us the most is the hassle of post-celebration skincare and haircare. Taking off all that colour can be tricky, and we’ve got you covered with the best tips to follow.

Let’s get started to help you get your skin and hair back on track.

Post Holi Skincare Tips

1. Use A Mild Facewash

Before you wash your face with a facewash or cleanser, dust off all the dry colours. If the facewash does not remove the colour, try using an exfoliator, but do not forget to be gentle. A gentle facewash and exfoliator will bring your skin back to life, making you feel squeaky clean.

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2. Moisturise Your Skin Well

We cannot stress enough how important it is to moisturise your skin after playing with all the colours. Your skin will feel thoroughly dry and coarse after all the playing and fun, and to make it soft and supple, you need to use a moisturiser that suits your skin type. Make sure you pick something that is lightweight and feels non-greasy on the skin.

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3. Indulge In A Sheet Mask

To breathe all the life back into your skin, you need to pamper it right, and nothing does it like a sheet mask. The serum from the sheet mask will help your skin heal from all the colour drama and bring back all the radiance. Most importantly, after all the play, you and your skin both need a sit back and relax.

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Post Holi Haircare Tips

1. Pick A Mild Shampoo

Shampoos that are free of harmful chemicals like sulphates and toxins are ideal for post Holi haircare. They will not only help cleanse your hair but will ensure that they gently treat your scalp. Try double cleansing your hair to ensure that the colour comes off completely.

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2. Do Not Forget To Condition

With everything that you put your hair through this Holi, it is important to give it the right haircare. To avoid your hair from drying and feeling coarse it is important that you condition them well after shampooing. Make sure you apply a good amount of conditioner on the lengths of your hair to make it soft and shiny.

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3. Use A Nourishing Hair Oil

Just like your skin, your hair can use some nourishment too. Applying a nourishing hair oil will not only rejuvenate your hair but will also intensely moisturise your scalp. Well, that is not all, it will make your hair smooth and healthy.

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We hope your post Holi grooming stays on point and the #GentlemanInYou feels just as good as you felt while playing with all the colours.

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