Put Grays In Reverse Gear

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With our grey hair remedy

Hair is the crown that everyone wears proudly.

But with time, your glorious locks can become grey. Multiple reasons like ageing, improper nutrition and low melanin production can be responsible.

The onset of greys is a natural process. Still, many people colour their tresses to hide them. It is often associated with old age, but young adults get them too.

However, there are now a series of products designed to help prevent premature greying or greys from appearing in the first place.

What Causes Greying?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the root cause of greying hair still needs to be fully understood. However, a combination of environmental and genetic factors may play a role.

Stress: Stress is known to harm both the body and mind and can easily cause your locks to lose their natural colour. It is also one of the reasons for premature greying.

Low Melanin Levels: Melanin is a pigment responsible for the colour of your hair, skin, and eyes. Its low levels are often responsible for the development of grey hair.

Unhealthy Lifestyle: An unhealthy lifestyle can be responsible for grey hair because it can lead to a lack of nutrients in the body, which can cause the hair to lose its colour.

We have a grey hair remedy designed to help keep your locks looking young and healthy for longer and prevent premature greying. The products include a shampoo + conditioner, hair & beard serum and hair & beard cream.

Anti-Graying Shampoo & Conditioner

Anti-Graying Shampoo & Conditioner | Arcolys & Bhringraj

Grey hair is often associated with low self-esteem, and to cater to that, we have specially designed our Anti-Graying Shampoo & Conditioner. Clinically proven to show positive results, it works magically to reverse the clock and minimise grey tresses. Packed with powerful active ingredients like Arcolys, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Shikakai, Curry Leaves, Fenugreek and Black Tea, it works its triple action of delaying the greys, restoring natural hair colour and improving confidence within 3 to 5 months of usage.

Anti-Graying Hair & Beard Cream

Anti-Graying Hair & Beard Cream | Arcolys & Bhringraj

With a stressful lifestyle comes premature greying, which often hinders your confidence and self-esteem. Formulated with time-tested ingredients like Arcolys & Bhringraj, our Anti-Graying Beard & Hair Cream increases melanin production, thus restoring natural hair colour. Clinically proven to show visible results in 3-5 months of usage, it also helps keep your beard and hair nourished and stylish.

Anti-Graying Hair & Beard Serum

Anti-Graying Hair & Beard Serum | Arcolys & Bhringraj

If greying is taking a toll on your confidence, then our Anti-Graying Hair & Beard Serum is perfect to uplift your morale. Its clinically-proven blend of potent actives like Arcolys, Bhringraj, Brahmi, Shikakai, Curry Leaves, Fenugreek and Black Tea provides triple benefits of delaying greys, restoring natural colour and improving confidence within 3 to 5 months of usage. A nourished mane and crown is an added advantage you don’t want to miss.

What is ARCOLYS®?

A natural active ingredient derived from Picrorhiza scrophulariiflora, Arcolys is known to restore natural hair colour. It limits premature greying by repigmentation and also boosts self-esteem.

How Do Arcolys And Bhringraj Help?

– Restore natural hair colour
– Slow down premature greying
– Revive pigmentation

So, there you have it! Everything you need to know about our grey hair remedy. If you want to keep your tresses looking young and full of life, give them a try.

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