When life torments you by filling it with tons of responsibility and expectations (including your own), then it is high time to detach your shoulder off some mental weight. India is known to be one of the most spiritually connecting places in the world, on the roads of which you might get to meet your new self. Here are some places that may serve equally well for you.

Bike trip to Leh-Ladakh

4 Road trips Across India that will Change your Perspective on Life

Feel the divine solitude come alive during a bike trip to Leh-Ladakh. Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts have already taken the heavenly trip and visit it year after year as a loyal pilgrim. You can begin your trip from Delhi for an extended list of stoppages like Hadimba Devi Temple, a fun hot spring dip at Vashishta and the green valleys of Manali. As the zone temperature falls, the view gets deeper.

Riding a bullet through the sharp and rough corners will generate a confidence within you to conquer the world, while panoramic view through the icy valley of Rohtang-La will incline your soul to the spirit of peace. As the cold air gushes through your face, the multicoloured landscape view while passing the national highway brings you in close feel with the roads and you begin to experience the instincts of a rider. Remember to plan your trip between June and September start, to avoid unexpected landslides or heavy snowfall choking the roads.

Scooter ride in Goa

4 Road trips Across India that will Change your Perspective on Life

Ride through the streets of freedom in Goa, and feel the sun rays bouncing off your face. On your ride over the rented gearless scooters you will experience a very light environment, and also get to choose from places of both sin and redemption. Visit the churches representing fine Portugal architecture and their belief in Christ, while the party-hard night life will kick in your mojo. On a Saturday night go to Mackys Night bazaar, to stroll through the vibrant carts and explore the unknown flavours of your mind. So just chill, enjoy a beer on your favourite spot Interracial sex sites and find every problem fading away.

Desert Safari in Rajasthan

4 Road trips Across India that will Change your Perspective on Life

Get a grip over your bumpy life with a thrilling Jeep Safari in Rajasthan. Varying from the Thar Desert to the lush green forests of Ranthambore and Sariska National Park; the state has diverse terrains to offer. You can begin your safari from great spots like Bikaner, Shekhawati, Jodhpur and Jaisalmer. Pushing the tyres of your jeep through the rough valley connects you with your hidden masculinity, while a slow ride on the humps of camels will reincarnate your wishes as a child. As you cross the arid and village regions of Rajasthan, the inherited artefacts will serve to strengthen your connection with the early civilisations.

Remember to plan your escapade in the month of October to maintain a more favourable condition, and also to pack some strong sunscreens.


4 Road trips Across India that will Change your Perspective on Life

Thriving in the shadows of the outer Himalayan range, the hills of Dharamsala have a spiritual power to heighten your touch with Mother Nature. This off limit city forms the principal township of Kangra district and is strategically divided into upper and lower regions. The lower Dharamsala is a commercial marketplace to collect some unique souvenirs, while the upper part preserves the taste of the colonial British lifestyle. Capture the early morning sun rising from the womb of pure and shallow Kareri Lake, while enjoying the freshness of snow clad valleys.

Further up the hills lies the famous McLeodGanj which provide for a great adrenaline drive via its steep and narrow roads. You can begin your journey from either of Delhi, Chandigarh or Shimla through the roadways bus, or go by air from Delhi.