Sunscreen for Men: How to Choose The Right One

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During the summer season, when the sun rays are lot more damaging, you must use the right sunscreen depending on your skin type. Sunscreens can be chemical or physical in nature which helps to safeguard your skin from UVA and UVB damage. But honestly when it comes to picking up the right sun block lotion, you won’t be using the sunscreen which makes your skin greasy or oily when you already have oily skin type. However, choosing the right sunscreen in India should be done with care as this is that one product that helps your skin to get shielded from the harmful UV rays.Sun rays damage your skin equally therefore, even for men applying good sun lotion is essential to enjoy healthy skin for a long time. Moreover, these products also help to protect against tanning.

How to Choose the Best Sunscreen for Men

Broad Spectrum

You need a good quality sunscreen with broad spectrum protection. This would be always displayed on the sunscreen’s packaging. Most of the sunscreen products are made to shield your skin from UV rays however, you need to see if the sunscreen you’re using protects from both UVA and UVB rays. This is because UVB rays are what that causes the skin burning and skin cancer. However UVA rays are known to cause premature aging along with the skin cancer. Therefore, always check for “broad spectrum” or “UVA and UVB rays protection” terms on the product.

Sun Protection Factor (SPF)

This is yet another important feature that you have to look while looking for the best sunscreen for men. SPF means sun protection factor, which gives you the amount of coverage and the level of protection against UV rays. Higher SPF number means more protection, this means that SPF 15 sunscreens are able to filter out around 93% of UV rays, however SPF 30 sunscreens can do around 97%. SPF 50 sunscreen shield you from 98% UV rays and SPF 100 Shields 99% UV rays from damaging your skin. This is also true that there is no sunscreen that can protect you completely. The most important feature that you must also keep in mind is, SPF 15 or below 15 are only able to protect the sunburn, but not premature aging and skin cancer.


Formula of the sunscreen means if it is waterproof, sweat proof or rub-proof. There is no sunscreen that is completely waterproof, however, they can be waterproof to a certain extent. Like you can have a sunscreen, that is waterproof or up to 15 minutes or up to 80 minutes while you are sweating or swimming. This is why, you need to re-apply the sunscreen after every two to three hours, if you are swimming or sweating profusely. Even when you wipe your face and body with a towel, you need to apply more sunscreen.

Skin Type

While a lot of sunscreens have this tendency to make you sweat and get sticky on the skin, there are sunscreens available for different skin types. For oily skin, a sunscreen with matte or gel texture is the best. Such formula does not make you oily soon. Also, gel sunscreens are not as greasy as some creamy sunscreens can be for oily and acne prone skin.

For dry and sensitive skin, one must always go for hypoallergenic formula or the physical sunscreen ingredients like Zinc Oxide or Titanium Dioxide. For dry face, the sunscreens are also good to combat the dryness and to top your skin with sun protection.

Harmful Ingredients

There are lots of different ingredients like paraben, sulphates, mineral oils and even oxybenzone that are harmful and can cause allergic reaction on the skin. This is why going for natural sunscreen for men which are formulated with organic ingredients. The Man Company has a sunscreen lotion with SPF 40 that contains sea buckthorn oil along with active ingredients like Allantoin and Wheat Germ Oil. The sunscreen lotion is wonderful to keep your skin oil-free and non-greasy while giving enough of the moisturization to the dry skin. It is water resistant up to 80 minutes. It means even if you are swimming or under hot summers, up to 80 minutes, the sunscreen will not be off your skin. The best thing is, the organic sun lotion or men is sulphate and paraben free, therefore for dry sensitive or oily acne prone skin it does not cause any allergic reaction or itching.

How To Apply Sunscreen

Now that you know, how to choose the best sunscreen for men, you must also know the proper steps of sunscreen application to get the much needed coverage. Take a dime sized amount of the sunscreen lotion. Rub it over the palms and apply. Your face and neck is where you are more likely to get tanned and burnt. Apply sunscreen evenly on the exposed body parts like your face, neck, legs, feet, hands, arms and other exposed areas. Always blend the sunscreen nicely into your skin to make it get completely absorbed. Apply the sunscreen every 2 to 3 hours for better protection.

Men who’ve got outdoor related jobs or even when someone is into athletic activities, they must re-apply their sunscreens as the chances of skin aging, burning and skin problems becomes much more. Regularly applying sunscreens will help in protection of the skin.

Prevention is always better than cure and that is so true while choosing a good sunscreen. Always remember that whether it’s rainy or cloudy, you must apply your sunscreen lotion, when you step out of your home. Always look for the best suitable sunscreen for your skin type and apply as

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