Testosterone – 5 Really Cool Facts About The Male Wonder Hormone

The very mention of the word testosterone brings about images of beefy looking men, gyms, sports, aggression and what not. The hormone that’s mostly responsible for men looking and behaving like the way they do, has a grey-ish reputation out there.

However, it’s a wonder hormone, an elixir of youth and beneficial in so many ways that completely outweigh the negatives caused by its abuse by a few individuals.

That though is the topic for another blog post altogether.


Today, we are going to list out some cool and/or amazing facts about testosterone that a lot of you might not know about.


1. Testosterone in men is released TWO big surges & not just one

So everyone usually thinks, that the acne-ridden half broken voice period of a guy’s life, is the only time when the magic fountain of testosterone goes Four Loko on his system.

Nope. No Sir!

Though there are multiple down(up?)loads of this sauce, there are TWO that have noticeable affects.

The first batch of this magic hormone is released in a large quantity when the man-to-be is still a fetus.

This is the gender formation stage, and is said to be a better predictor of how obvious gender related behavior of a person is going to be.

Even more than the levels of this hormone in a person’s system when they’ve grown up!

The second is the adolescence phase. We all know about that one, more than we’d like to talk about anyway!


2. The first athlete to be disqualified for use of artificial testosterone in the Olympics was:

In 1976. Blagoi Blagoev. From Bulgaria. In competitive weightlifting. [Wikipedia Source]

And then he went on to win seven gold and five silver international medals. *shrugs*

Did he have that look on his face permanently? Wouldn’t be a far stretch if he did!



3. Listening to music REDUCES the testosterone levels in men and increases them in women!

Yep. You read that right.



Always feeling super amped after that third Rage Against The Machine track, this came as a bit of a shock to us. However, research says it’s true!

Don’t believe it?

You read the research, while we go lower the volume at the gym.


4. An ovulating woman can send your testosterone levels in a tizzy.

Feeling a little “heady” around a certain lady? Well, you could attribute it to more than her looks and graces.



You could attribute it to a mechanism that neither of you know is at work.

A 2009 Research says that when men are in vicinity of an ovulating woman, their testosterone levels tend to rise.

Something to do with the body chemistry of an ovulating woman changing and secreting pheromones indicating her fertility.

Guess when your mate says “it’s something in the way she smells”, you gotta give him more cred than just about hitting him with a rolled up Sports Illustrated.


5. High testosterone can make you generous.

This. This is a double whammy!

On top of getting bio-warfare-d into getting shook by the lady, the T-hormone makes sure you don’t hesitate buying her stuff that’s gonna make her and your credit card company VERY happy.



Again research shows that higher the levels of testosterone, the higher the propensity of a male to reward and punish others.

See that guy buying her drink after drink after drink? Blame the test (and lack of self control).

See that guy getting into a massive bar fight over something trivial ? Blame the test (and the lack of self control, and the alcohol, and the lack of everything else that’s supposedly went in to John Lennon writing “Imagine“).

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