The Fundamentals of a Well-Groomed Man!

Take care of the fundamentals on your way to becoming a gentleman
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I shall not beat about the bush this time around, as time is of the extreme importance here. There remain a handful of  precious days left for 2017 to kick in and well for that much planned and anticipated New Year’s Eve party, that you’ve been planning upon to finally show up to in your most dapper self. Without ado, I will give you a handy checklist of the finer details of the fundamentals that separate the well-groomed men and the boys.

the fundamentals of grooming before you hit the dancefloor

New Year’s Eve is knocking.

Before we begin though I’d like to disclaim here and now that these are grooming fundamentals that are spoken about in hushed whispers and sometimes overlooked altogether. You will not find reams written about them, but if you ask any lady friend though about these, (and I encourage you to do that at the first opportunity that presents itself), you, dear friend, will instantly understand the level of importance accorded to these finer points by the fairer sex.

have you checked off the fundamentals of grooming?

Ready to party!

  1. Lets warm up here then, the first of the fundamentals is Dandruff, those pesky white flakes sure to ruin that nice black shirt or jacket or well tailored tux. Use a light hair oil routinely, especially during the winters, to keep the scalp and hair nourished. A simple home hack to combat this is to use a tbsp of freshly squeezed lemon and 3-4 tbsp of curd and apply this paste to your scalp. Keep them flakes away and the ladies close.
  2. Clean those ears mate, inside and outside. Yes, you heard that right (pun intended), sporting an unclean ear anytime of the year goes against the very grain of being a well-groomed man. Although, there are a lot of scientific opposition in recent times to the humble Q-tips, but I do suggest that post your baths do give your ear a bit of a cleaning as all the dust and the pollution that one faces on a daily basis tend to settle in the nooks and crannies of the ear. That being said, do not try wrestling out the wax which is actually very important for the health of your ears! Another area one tends to look over is behind the ear but make sure you do give this part a thorough cleaning too. Your lady love will appreciate the ear grooming and could reward you with some romantic nibbling too.

    ear hygiene is a big fundamental for a well-groomed gentleman

    Ears are a grooming essential. (img source :

  3. A sensitive issue, which many of us face, is oral hygiene. Nobody likes to be called out for bad breath or bad oral hygiene, but if you do suffer from it, there are remedial steps that can be taken and self awareness is the key. Include a mouthwash in your oral routine, visit a dentist if the issue seems to be severe. This one does not just come under being well-groomed, but also has an impact on one’s overall health.

    Well-groomed or not, depends on importance you lkay on the fundamentals of oral hygiene

    Oral hygiene can be a deal breaker.

  4. Please do scrub the nape of the neck, the layer of accumulated sweat and the dust there never has and never will be in fashion. Period.
  5. You might have stocked your wardrobe with the latest from Zara and the likes, but if you have unruly hair growing on your ears and out of your nose, nothing is going to break that ice with the ladies. Trim those whiskers to a gentlemanly length.
  6. Manicures and Pedicures might be a once in a blue moon affair or even off limits for you.That doesn’t give you the license to not cut your nails. Keep those fingernails in check and even though you are planning to wear shoes, keep them toenails under control as well. Cleaning out accumulated food and dirt particles from under the nails are a must-do, again not just for your grooming routine, but also for your health.

    keep those nails in check

    Fingernails and the stories they tell

  7. Snazzy, bold, colourful, printed socks are the rage nowadays. But these fashion accessories will not come to the rescue if you have smelly feet my friend. Ignoring it as if its not there doesn’t help either. Clean the insteps between your toes everyday to combat smelly feet and do justice to those rock star socks.
    Smelly feet can break the the facade of being a gentleman.

    A snazzy sock does not cover smelly feet.

    Gentlemen, keep the boxes from this checklist ticked and you have the fundamentals of being well-groomed firmly under your belt this New Year eve’s.

Fundamentals of a Well-Groomed Gentleman
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Fundamentals of a Well-Groomed Gentleman
A essential checklist to keep in mind while grooming.
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