The Man Who Applies Makeup, Isn’t Man Enough?

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Makeup. It has a different meaning for everyone.

For some, it can be a tool to look their best, and for some, it can be an expression or art.

But does makeup belong to a particular gender? If a man applies it, does he become any less of a man?

Not. At. All.

But, as they say, there’s no smoke without fire. So, it is all because of our society and the preconceived notion that makeup is for women and women only. If yes, why? After all, men too get those zits before an important event. Or dark circles after working for like 60 hours a week. Or well, to hide a mark of passionate love, no?

With our Podcast, The Gentleman Show, we want you to break free of these shackles of the societal notions of what is acceptable and what is not. In our latest episode, we have two guests, Aman Bhatia and Prateek Sachdeva, who talk about their journeys and perspectives on makeup and what it means to them.

Listen to Aman Bhatia being his unfiltered self and talk about his relationship with makeup and how it empowers him. Though a Btech graduate, he always knew where his heart lay, so he worked hard to make his name in the makeup industry. Breaking all the stereotypes, he is a true example that makeup is for everyone and is not gender-based.

The best drag queen out there, Prateek Sachdeva (Betta Naan Stop), is a treat to the ears and eyes. He talks about his rollercoaster ride and the struggles he faced before getting accepted. Listen to him talk about drag and makeup and learn some interesting facts. His journey from being a dance teacher to a drag queen is nothing short of a movie script.

We at The Man Company believe that makeup does not define your masculinity. With our episode Makeup Is For Everyone hosted by one of India’s finest influencers and makeup artists, Ankush Bahuguna, we want to put that out clearly. We want you to follow your heart and do what makes you happy. If you love to wear hot pink coloured clothes, wear them. If it involves applying makeup, do it. Because, why not!

If you are still going to judge someone’s masculinity based on makeup, #WeNeedToTalk

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