The Sad Case of Monsoon Skin & How To Change It

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The trees are washed, sky’s overcast, and the world looks like it has just stepped out of the shower. Monsoons usually arrive with the pleasantness that all of the summer months lacked. Only, it brings along a horde of skin care worries. And obviously, the problematic humidity is to be blamed. If only I could, I would dictate the weather changes. Rains would shower and the sun would shine according to my skin needs. Since that is a distant dream to hope for, I decided to change the things I can and find wisdom for the best skin care practices during monsoons. And my skin hasn’t ever been as glad during the monsoon days.
You’d be glad to know that I have prepared a list of these healthy skin care practices for you to reap as many benefits from. So, here it is at your disposal:

Wash your face often

Mom was right; we should do it and do it often. More so during the sticky
monsoon days that leave an unpleasant ick on our face. Thank mom! Wash it. At least two to three times a day to avoid dirt and oil clogging your pores. This daily practice is not only
refreshing but can possibly help you prevent infections that the monsoon brings along. If I may suggest, go for The Man Company Charcoal Face Wash. With activated charcoal that deep cleanses your pores and Ylang Ylang and Argan that moisturizes, it is one easy solution for two monsoon problems.

Avoid fried food

Whatever you eat, shows on your skin. If your diet includes a lot of fried food,
monsoon is a good time to replace it with portions of fruit and vegetables that can help you with that inner glow that radiates out of your skin. Fried food… that little friend will only bring about breakouts.

Use nature based products

You wouldn’t want to arrest chemicals under all that icky monsoon on your face, would you? Nature based products are not only good for your skin, but they also let your skin breathe whilst protecting it.

Use a good sunscreen

The outdoors must be darker than the hot months, but don’t rely on the illusion of the rain because that hot and bright sun is out there above the clouds, still causing skin damage. So use sun screens, preferably water based, that keep the secret sun damage at bay and gives you the secret promise of a healthy skin. You might want to check out The Man Company’s Sunscreen Lotion with 40+ SPF. It moisturizes, protects, and provides an even tone.

Wear soft fabric

Let your skin breathe. Imagine, there’s already a layer of monsoon covering
you up. Now why would you lock it onto your skin with tight fabric? Choose breathable clothes of natural fabrics that lets your skin live the monsoon days the best.


Scrub. Scrub. Scrub. At least twice a week, if you may, to rid your skin of the dead skin
that can turn your face into a warzone. Exfoliation can go a long way to prevent breakouts and bring out the best of your skin, quite literally. And charcoal scrubs, they’re the best. Check out The Man Company’s Charcoal Face Scrub, which refreshes and rejuvenates with charcoal’s cleansing power.

And tone

Follow exfoliation with toning. The skin pores that have been opened and worked
through need to close up or else the little ick of monsoon will go settle in it causing problem we’d all love to avoid. Toning helps close those pores and prevent anything unwanted to get clogged there to make a home of unfriendly pimples. We don’t want that, right? Aloe Vera or rose water can be natural toners for you to befriend.

While you try some of these tips to make the best out of your skin, I will try to work out a pact with the Rain Gods asking them to ban humidity from the beautiful monsoons and help our skin. I might fail or succeed, but in the meantime do take care of your skin making it the best version of itself every day.

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