The Secret To Ayushmann’s Flawless Face, For You!

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Ayushmann Khurrana: award-winning actor, poet, family man, super star, true gentleman, and the epitome of well-groomed perfection. Ever wondered how he does it all, while looking on point, all the time? Well, you can stop wondering and use his secret to that forever flawless face for yourself! That’s right. Our man has curated a special box with all the grooming essentials required by the modern gentleman for a complete face care regime. Packed with the power of activated charcoal, these products are exactly what the gentleman of today needs to help his skin fight pollution and stay free of dirt and grime.

What’s inside?

The Face Care Box curated by Ayushmann Khurrana contains a 4-step regime to take care of all the requirements of your face. Let us give you a step-wise breakdown about how you can use these to give your skin the much needed dose of regular care.

Charcoal Face Wash

An absolute must for daily cleansing, the charcoal face wash contains the goodness of Ylang Ylang and Argan to nourish your skin while the activated charcoal deep-cleanses. Use it twice a day to get rid of the city’s dust and keep pimples and blackheads at bay.

This product is also great for treating oily skin.

Charcoal Face Scrub

Blackheads and dead skin will be a thing of past with our charcoal face scrub. High on the exfoliation, this charcoal granules present in the scrub unclog pores and clean them from within, get rid of excess oil, and slough away at the dead skin to reveal a fresher, softer and more vibrant face.Combined with the properties of eucalyptus and lemongrass, it also provides anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antiseptic and healing benefits. Use it thrice a week after cleaning your face with the face wash.

Chracoal Peel-Off Mask

Besides being extremely satisfying to peel off from the face, the charcoal mask is also quite possibly the one wonder product that takes your skin care game several notches higher. The process is quite simple. Apply the mask once a week after cleansing your face, spreading it all over evenly. Wait for it to dry completely, for about 15-20 minutes and simply peel it off starting from your chin and pulling it in an upward motion. What this does is literally suck out the impurities from your skin while the activated charcoal absorbs all pollutants to reveal brighter skin. That’s not all. This mask also has anti-oxidants, vitamin C and a whole bunch of nutrients, thanks to Moringa and Gooseberry. Go on. Call it the super mask.

Essencia Moisturiser Cream

Ah, another absolute essential. Gentlemen, it’s 2020, so if you are still averse to using a moisturiser every day, we will ring a bell and chant ‘Shame’ for you. This is the last step in the regime, and one you must follow twice daily, without fail, every time after cleaning. Shea butter in the moisturiser nourishes your skin and provides it with all the moisturisation it needs while Vitamin E gently treats scars and heals damaged skin, helping you get soft and supple skin.

So now you know how the stars do it. Get grooming and put your best face forward!

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