These winters, promise your body a complete care

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Winters are here. How well are you grooming?

Winters are back in full force. 

Do you know what that means? The winter is going to come creeping like shadows and ruin your grooming game. 

Of course, it happened the year before, the one before that, and for all the generations that have ever lived. The dry weather is no friend of yours and, as your trusted brand we want to help you tread through it with a well groomed persona. We have thought through the winters and compiled this easy take on it: a complete head-to-toe winter care regime to keep you glowing and shining through the dry weather.

Here’s how to achieve a thorough grooming record this winter:

Love Thy Hair

Proclaim your stance with the dry weather and say aloud: I will not have dandruff! Own that desire and make oiling a habit. Oil your hair with nourishing ingredients like Almond Oil and Olive Oil, better if you can wrap a warm towel around your hair for 15 minutes once a week before shampooing it with a mild cleanser like our Anti Dandruff Shampoo that can help refresh and hydrate your scalp. Follow your cleansing regime with a nourishing conditioner and lock all that hydration in.

Groom Thy Face

Deny dry skin any stray chance to play with your glow. You’ve worked hard to have the skin that glows, feels nourished and hydrated. Don’t let the winters strip your face off of the necessary. Opt for a gentle, alcohol-free cleanser that lets your natural oils stay where they are and yet, replenish it with freshness. Perhaps our Vitamin C Face Wash, which cleanses your face while refreshing it. Once a week, let your face have the royal treatment of a hydrating sheet mask like our Charcoal Sheet Mask, which will rid your face of impurities while supplying the necessary hydration. And each night, sleep having supplied your face with a hydrating elixir: Our Vitamin C Face Serum.  Needless to say, moisturise. Moisturise when you feel like it, when you don’t feel like it. Moisturise your face with our Caffeine Moisturiser and hydrate your lips with our Lip Balm. Trust us, your face could use that against the drying winter winds.

Treat Thy Beardstache With Love

It protects you. It establishes your aura and is a mark of your identity. Treat it with love. Let your facial fuzz know you care as you nourish it with the little friends from our Beard Care Range. And if we may suggest, especially with the hydrating touch of our Beard Creme. Enriched with nourishing Argan and cooling mint, it reduces any itch and helps condition and style long beards. Say it with us: Wash. Comb. Nourish.

Pay Regards to Thy Skin

All over. The largest organ of our body, our skin is the bravest, daring all weather conditions and environmental situations to keep us safe in our body. Does it not deserve some care in return, or well, let it be said a forever commitment to it? Here, we reiterate: Moisturise. Moisturise, if you may, with our Essencia Moisturising Cream and its great Shea Butter nourishment. And switch to a gentle cleanser that is comforting and enriching for the skin.

And lastly, give your feet a tight hug

Each night, give it the loving care of a nourishing foot cream and snuggle the winters out with a pair of socks on. Appreciate them for taking you places, holding the wait of your body and not wincing once. Give them a chance or a few at our DIY Foot Care Kit, a complete foot care regime that helps exfoliate, nourish and replenish your feet.

If the winter further overwhelms you, try a more holistic and easy approach to help your winter grooming soar: our Winter Head-to-toe Care Kit.

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