Thin To Thick – It’s time to apply your skin care in the correct order

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Do you feel like people keep telling you that you need all these products to make your skin better, without much of a guide on what exactly goes first and what last? Yeah, us too. So we took it upon ourselves to do some research and figure out if there really is a right way to tackle this whole skincare regime. 

You may be using 2 products, maybe 3 or if you’re really committed to your skin health then probably all (hoping every single one of you uses SPF). You still need to know what goes on first and what last. 


Two reasons – You could harm your skin. For example, if you use SPF first and then proceed to use your serum or moisturiser, you can move and dilute the product effectively disrupting  the protective layer and making your skin vulnerable to sun damage. 

Secondly, the products may be less effective if not used in the right order. For example if you use a thicker product first, your lighter products will not penetrate and reach your skin to give you the desired results. 

The Right Order 


If you double cleanse, and we hope that you do, always use face wash first and then scrub. Unless you have a daily scrub don’t make this a regular habit. Use scrub 2-3 times a week at most. 


Serum is the lightest oil in your skin care routine. Using it first will help it deliver active ingredients to your skin. Using a serum with antioxidants is your best bet for day long hydration and collagen boost. 


Apart from the no-brainer task moisturizers complete (to redeem your skin’s moisture levels) it also helps locking in the goodness of the serum you used before. 


The one product you mustn’t go without. The sun doesn’t pick and choose it’s targets. Be it winter, monsoon, summer, fall- your skin needs this layer of protection. Make sure this is the last step in your routine to maintain a consistent shield on your face. 

So as a thumb rule lets always go from the thinnest products first and make our way up to the thicker ones. BUT sunscreen always goes on last. 

Pro Tip : Use all your products all over your face even if you have a beard. Yes, there’s hair but there is also skin underneath it that needs as much care as the skin on the rest of your face.

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