Things you shouldn’t do to your lips

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Help your lips dare the winter by avoiding these habits

Our lips are one of the most sensitive areas of our body with the skin there so soft and tender that a minor abrasion can leave lasting impact on this beautiful feature of the human body. They already do so much for use from talking to kissing to eating, etc. They also pace up with some of our habits and they do that without snarling any complaints at their owners. 

Lips not well taken care of can really hamper that kind smile of yours. Chapped lips are not a good news for those of you who love to talk and eat and kiss with this very beautiful feature of yours. Add to that the drying weather of winter that is blowing through us in these last months of the year. And this can leave your lips really vulnerable and prone to worsening their dryness and damage.

But what can we do to protect our lips. Well, anyone could recommend a nice lip balm to help you see what you should do for your lips. But us, dear sir, we want to gather around you and tell you everything that you shouldn’t do to your lips. Things that grandma also believed in.

Here they are:

1. Avoid touching your lips frequently

And if you must, wash your hands with soap before doing that. Our hands gather bits and essence of all that we come across everyday. You could call them filthy hoarders of the man. Some of us who have the habit of touching our lips through the day are doing nothing but adding all the world’s dirt onto them. This build up can cause pimples and acnes on lips that are not just very ugly but also extremely painful and hard to cure. So let prevention be prevalent and let your lips remain untouched by the world you traverse across. 

2. Avoid smoking

well, we reiterate like many others before us. Smoking ages skin, especially the soft and tender skin on your lips, which can suffer irreversible damage because of smoking. It is anyway an unhealthy habit and avoiding it to help your lips might just be the right push to quit and take a holistic approach on health.

3. Biting lips

our lips bear the brunt of our anxieties. Biting lips is associated with overthinking and anxious thinking patterns where one involuntarily starts pinching themselves or biting their lips. The phrase in itself is a reflection of worrisome thinking, leaves our lips feeling dry and chapped. 

4. Avoid licking lips

It’s a fairly common habit for many to pick their lips throughout the day. It might seem like when we lick our lips, we hydrate them. Contrary to that surface belief, lips transpire more with saliva on them, thus losing more moisture. Also, our saliva is a cocktail of many different bacteria, some of which may not be a good news for your lips.

5. Do not let there be a build up

By that we mean a build up of products or dead skin or just a lush moustache leaving no space for the skin on your lips to breathe. Your lips need gentle exfoliation to get rid of any build up. And this is easy to attain. No fancy scrub or tool needed for that. Just a toothbrush and 10 seconds of your time every alternate day to scrub off any residue that rests on the surface of your lips. Again, this build up is resposible for lip pimples and dry lips so your lips are definitely benefiting from a little scrub. A word of caution: skip this step if your lips are chapped. In that case, deep moisturisation with a hydrating lip balm should be your constant.

6. Choose your products wisely

We can’t mention enough that the skin of our lips is extremely soft and sensitive and can get off by the slightest of misuse. Be careful of the compositions you subject our lips to. They are going to remember that and can develop conditions which will keep you from doing all the amazing things healthy lips generally do. Think about it: no smiling, no kissing, no slurping through your favorite drinks because the lips hurt because we tried a product that didn’t suit us. 

We suggest using nature based products or the ones with natural ingredients. Like our nourishing Lip Balm which is 97.8% natural and enriched with Vitamin E and Almond Oil. It not only nourishes and repairs your lips but also protects them against further damage.

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