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Do you remember the rolling hills and the cascading roads leading up to them? Do you reminisce over that breath of fresh air; breeze playing on your face, laughing through your hair? Do you remember those snow peaked mountains feeding wild rivers; and sitting by them, sipping on a cup of roadside chai. Are you visited by the long lost promises of pristine beaches, their untouched shores, and lying under their starry night alone or with a hundred more? Do you remember those wild nights of concerting with a million others or listing down some new places to find? Do you just miss taking that random flight; those off beaten paths, trails untouched, uncared for and the freedom with which you could grab the weekend and pack your bags to claim a new tour?

Traveling was never missed as much. The bucket lists weren’t as daunting. The dreams of a new forest; a new trail; befriending new people was rarely a scary idea. But the world, as we know it, got challenged big time this year. And life, as we know it, began feeling monotonous. Many backpacking, touring, I-carry-my-home-in-a-bag kind of yous and mes were losing our hopes. Weren’t we? 

But the good news is ours to smile about. Those winding roads leading to the hinterlands of our liking are open again, and they are calling out to us. I’m sure most of you are already getting updated on the improving state of affairs in terms of traveling. You can scroll through your news feeds and find rays of hope in the form of photos of picturesque sceneries, fresh landscapes, and soiled adventure gear. I bet this makes you want to drive off…

This World Tourism Day, we make a slight suggestion though. Travel. Travel all that you want. Visit all your dreamlands. Let your feet touch changing terrains. Let your bags be soiled by dust of a hundred places. Breathe new musings. And let your backpacks come back with scents, treasures, and experiences of all the places you visit. But, do it all with utmost safety. 

While you travel to find yourself, actualize your beliefs or just take some timeout to pitch a tent, pin a hammock and look at the sky from a new angle, consider the new normal. Adapt to it; tread through these new waters by making sure that you are taking stern precautions not only for your own safety but for the safety of the places you’re visiting. Because a little extra caution wouldn’t take away the fun but it will make sure that you can enjoy your freedom longer and at the same time protect the place you’re visiting. 

So, travel with the following things kept in consideration:

  • Follow all the expert prescribed safety measures. 
  • Wherever you are, maintain distance with the others. 
  • While it is anyway a traveling must, do not share personals. 
  • Wash your hands frequently with The Man Company Anti-bacterial Hand Wash that can kill upto 99.99% of germs or sanitize them for the same protection with our Aloe Vera Hand Sanitizer but with no extra fuss of water.

  • Make sure that your lodgings are regularly fumigated. 
  • Take cleansing showers that leave you protected and nourished using TMC Anti-Bacterial Body Wash
  • For times when you might come across common-to-touch surfaces, sanitize them using our travel friendly Sanitizer Wipes. They have 70% alcohol and can help you prevent infections on the go with just one wipe.

Because if you’re cleaner, you’re strong enough to tick all those places off your bucket lists and claim your freedom wherever you are.

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