Biotin the Superhero and it’s Superpowers, Read to find out!

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Nature comes with an abundant range of solutions for most of our grooming worries. Sometimes, it can really equip us with the right elements to help our persona shine. One such naturally occurring element is Biotin.

Alright, what is this Biotin?

Biotin is a naturally occurring form of B Vitamin which helps in adding shine and strength to your hair. While it is present in food items like meat, poultry, nuts, and milk products, it can also be supplemented topically. By its nature, it produces amino acids that directly trigger the growth and formation of Keratin. This Keratin fills each damaged hair strand thus making it whole. Hairs that are generally damaged and prone to breakage begin getting stronger and more voluminous with Biotin.

That’s interesting. How does Biotin benefit hair?

For all the worries surrounding unhealthy looking, dull hair, there’s one super ingredient called Biotin. For a lifeless crown of hair that is prone to breakage and unmanageability, Biotin is a repairing and benefitting solution. It protects the hair, fills in each strand with natural Keratin, and makes hair healthy and strong from the roots up. Since it fills each hair strand up, it strengthens the hair with a healthy shine and gloss.

In short, hair that is rendered lifeless due to environmental factors or frequent use of unsuitable products can benefit highly by the grace of Biotin, especially for topical usage. 

And that is why we decided to introduce the world to this enriching power of Biotin in the form of our Biotin Shampoo and Conditioner.

Biotin Shampoo

The Man Company Biotin Shampoo is a rich blend of natural ingredients like Rice Extract, Bhringraj, Moringa and Biotin. The formulation is curated by experts and perfected to make it repair damaged hair; add volume; and make hair thicker, fuller and stronger, with each use.  

Talk of frizz, hair damage, thinning and all those worries that our lifestyle havocs our hair with, has a one-stop solution in the restructuring and repairing treatment that Biotin can offer. This shampoo serves a multifold purpose as it cleanses, strengthens and adds volume to your hair. Daily use of this shampoo can help make your fragile and weak hair nourished with a healthy gloss. 

Considered ideal for a daily hair fall treatment, it works best when used with our Biotin Conditioner.

Biotin Conditioner

Add to the repair and strength of Biotin, a rich blend of carefully chosen natural ingredients like Fenugreek (Methi), Bhringraj and Niacinamide, and you have our Biotin Conditioner. The formulation soothes scalp, adds shine, and make hair follicles healthy.

Additionally, this hair conditioner provides a protective layer to each hair strand, which while repairing your hair from the past damage, provides it a shiny gloss and health. It repairs damaged hair; adds volume; and makes hair thicker, fuller, smoother and stronger, with every wash.  

Convinced, yet?

To find out the wonders Biotin can do for your hair, try the Biotin duo now!

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