Want to know the secret powers of Aloe Vera?

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There are many.

With its many enriching benefits, Aloe Vera has come to become one of the widely used natural ingredients in cosmetic formulations. Easy to use, easy to diffuse with many DIY and grooming blends, Aloe Vera has gained itself clinical studies and researches proving its benefits for preserving the healthy appearance of your skin and hair. 

To welcome its goodness, all you have to do is consult the following benefits to address the areas of grooming concerns you’d like to be “done with”. Without further ado, hold your thought for the mystical magical plant sap that can serve the best portion of nutrients to your hair and skin:

Cooling and soothing for the scalp and resolves inflammation

Imagine the watery, gel-like sap of Aloe Vera penetrating your scalp, ridding it of its flakiness and itchiness, replacing it with a gentle cooling effect. That’s what Aloe Vera has in store for restoring your scalp health. A topical application of the gel itself can help hydrate and soothe your scalp and restore its pH balance, thus preventing any scalp irritation or infection. A 1998 study found that Aloe Vera can effortlessly resolve scalp inflammation caused by dandruff and its hydrating properties go on preventing dandruff and the itchiness it can cause with each use.

Strengthens and repairs hair strands

A well hydrated and nourished scalp with its pH levels balanced can help each hair strand forge health and a healthy fuller appearance. So, using Aloe Vera as a form of topical application for your hair or using hair products rich in Aloe Vera can help your hair grow stronger and more voluminous. 

Soothes and repairs your skin

Aloe Vera’s hydrating nourishment is not limited to just your scalp. It brings about a healthy hydration for your skin, thus preventing the appearance of any fine lines and wrinkles that can easily pave your way to signs of skin ageing. Try its energizing and soothing repair in our beard-friendly, Anti-pollution Sheet Mask. With Hyaluronic Acid and Aloe Vera, this sheet mask is an easy care and repair for your skin that repairs UV damage and boosts collagen production.

Conditions and improves damaged hair

With B12 and Folic Acid, Aloe Vera helps condition your hair, adds a healthy shine to them and improves the texture of your dry, damaged or brittle hair. In hair cleansers, this magical ingredient prevents any drying of hair and instead preserves hair strength and integrity while making your hair appear lush. 

Now consider this, you want to colour your hair and are worried about the damage that traditional hair color blends can cause you. Enter Aloe Vera and its nourishing, colouring benefits in our easy to use Hair Colour Shampoo. Trust us, that’s an expensive visit to salon for a complete hair and care treatment avoided.

Post outdoor care

A surface treatment of the skin and hair with Aloe Vera can consistently reverse the damage caused by sun. This is due to Aloe Vera’s high collagen content and cooling properties that help settle, heal and calm your hair and skin. You may be surprised at how refreshed and hydrated your skin can feel with just one use of our Caffeine Face Scrub. Enriched with Coffee Arabica and Aloe Vera, this scrub helps reverse sun damage and detox your face.

May promote hair growth

A well cleansed, satisfied and soothed scalp tends to be the right space to afford a healthy hair growth. Aloe Vera’s benefits can become stark clear and evident with the lush hair that its use can offer you.

We hope that we’ve impressed you well with the everlasting benefits of Aloe Vera. Gentlemen, its time to try our Aloe Vera compositions now!

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