Welcome the New Normal of Vacations

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Reinvent vacation with healthy self-care

We are here to agree that the year that just came and went, this thing we call 2020 was a slump! 

If we could just choose what comes up next, we know for sure we’re not going to choose it. No way! Never again. 

But what we can choose in today’s time is how we sign this year off. 

The usual enthralling experience of the year ending with the whole week of retiring to a fun time in Goa or somewhere warm and happy might not be the case. The tropical beaches and the sun bathing and the luxury spas and mud packs might not come handy. But there is a little something that we can still do from the comfort of our homes to find a happy ending to the year bygone.

To end 2020, to give a nod of a tribute to this challenging year, let’s nod to health, well-being and a lot of self-care. Celebrate life as the blooming, invigorating spectrum of possibilities it is and rediscover the idea of vacation with a lot of self-care.

1. Make healthy eating a habit

What we sow is what we shall reap. The way we nourish our body, especially with the quality and content of the food we put in really decides what shows. A healthy balanced diet, all that our wise school teachers and wiser grandmothers insisted towards should be a new celebratory promise. 

2. Treat your body with nature based products

So, talking about life and well-being towards the end of an year that has really redefined the meaning of life means reconsidering what we subject our bodies to. Most of the products we find stocked across the supermarket contain harmful chemicals easily capable of causing long lasting damage. How often have we chosen products that have ended causing more harm than good?
Hair fall, we are talking about you. Dandruff, are you reading this?
It therefore becomes so important to make sure that we choose nature based products that will at best help your body feel and appear at its most optimum and at worst will cause no harm.

3. Say yes to regimes that work for you

And that’s an important one. Busy with your running arounds, trying to make the deadlines, climb the ladder, challenge the limits and outperform oneself, all while being the perfected gentleman you are, it is so important to get that break and say, “Today, I’m going to have a me day!” And do it. Have the “me” day where you dwell deeper into self-grooming. Maybe try one of our nature based products that will help you radiate and glow to you best shine, while causing no harm!

All in all, as you bid farewell to this year, make the right resolutions that help you shine as the self-defined gentleman you are and celebrate the new normal of vacations.

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