What Every Brother Wants For Rakhi

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This year, and every year, all he wants is “A Sister Who’s A Gifter”.

Sibling rivalry is always in the vicinity and will be there forever, but you can’t deny the benefits of having a sister.

Saving you from troubles, hiding your report cards, and then scolding you for the same, she does it all. She is your partner in crime and will always be one. She might always be wondering if she is your keeper.
Having a sister comes with its perks, one being loyalty overloaded. Tell her your secrets, and she will never let them slip.

From time to time, she keeps educating you about life and never forgets to take pride in everything you know. But, if you don’t do things according to her, she turns into the most infuriating person.

Raksha Bandhan is around the corner, and we are sure you must have planned something special for your sister. But this Rakhi, don’t forget to ask for The Man Company’s Exclusive Gift Boxes from her.

She is a born gifter, be it advice, knowledge or literal gifts. Here are some ways she has been gifting her love and affection to you:

She Makes You Kinder:

A sister makes you cordial even though you bicker with her all the time; she teaches you to be kind and respectable to others. Your sister will surely make you learn harmony and be understanding.

She Makes You More Communicative:

Having sisters means you can express your emotions more comfortably. Because let’s be honest, they always come with their boyfriend or girlfriend problems and make you listen to every bit of it. But in return, they gift you empathy and make you comfortable enough to talk to women easily, without any anxiety. You probably didn’t realise, but they were shaping you to rock every date of yours.

She Protects You:

Your sisters must have been doing damage control for your misdemeanours and bailing you out of sticky situations since you became a grown man. They are God-sent protectors who have been making your life much easier. Sometimes, they sure shout at you for no reason, but they never let anyone point the finger at you.

She Gives The Best Gifts:

Gift-giving is the only love language sisters communicate their love. They fight with you throughout the year, ask for gifts on more occasions than you can imagine, and sometimes treats your wardrobe as their own, but when it comes to giving a gift, they always choose the best one because #MySisterMyGifter

She Makes You A Better You:

Whether you realise it or not, sisters have been keeping you grounded, and the gentleman you are today is probably because of them. Correcting you when you are wrong, telling you how to behave in front of your parents, and advising you how to be respectful towards women, they have successfully moulded you into a fine man.

No one gets you like your sister. They are the yin to your yang, chutney to your samosa, Monica to your Ross, and while sometimes they are annoying, you would not trade them for anyone else. And they sure love to gift you things and knowledge.

Make your sister order The Man Company’s Exclusive Gift Boxes and ask her to be #MySisterMyGifter

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