WINTER IS COMING AGAIN – Are you prepared ?

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The onset of Pre-winter, autumnal season is quite evident when we start getting chills during our morning showers. We can tell that the days are getting shorter, nights longer; that the trees have begun shedding their autumnal yellows and browns. And soon, the winter air will start showing its drying effects on our skin and hair, calling out for more attention. 

While it still seems fair to negotiate between a cold shower and warm, there are a few pressing areas that will start asking for a change during this pre-winter period.

Skin Care

The largest organ of the human body protects and homes us throughout the year. It is only natural that it has a few additional requests. With the changing seasons and climate, our skin needs change too. During pre-winters your skin gets to ask for a little extra than just basic cleansing. 

Alcohol-free Cleansing

A gentle, alcohol-free face and body wash will serve the purpose without costing your skin its natural oils.

Promise exfoliation

Breakouts are worse. Breakouts on a dry skin are a complete nightmare. Exfoliation might seem like a no-brainer, but many of us completely overlook this very important skin care habit that the constantly regenerating and drying skin asks for. Choose a good nature based scrub like TMC Charcoal Face Scrub to remove dead skin and blackheads that can build up on your skin. This can unclog your pores and reverse the possibility of dry breakouts.

Befriend gentle face mask

After extracting what you don’t need on your skin, follow up with a gentle layer of a face mask that will help you close the skin pores. You can try The Man Company’s Sheet Mask which will remove what your face doesn’t need and provide the nourishment that it does.


Find the combination that best works for your skin and be at it. Don’t feel sorry to ditch the moisturizers that don’t work for you and get yourself the ones that do, perhaps TMC Moisturizing Cream that can make your skin soft and supple.

Say a huge ‘no’ to hot showers: They might seem amazing, relaxing even, but hot showers are great stressors to your skin. They can irritate it, leave pores open for any pollutant to make home in. Choose gentle lukewarm showers instead.

Use Sunscreen

While the sun might be setting earlier than the whole year, its damage can get you at any hour. So use a sunscreen like TMC Sunscreen Lotion with SPF 40+ that will moisturize your skin while protecting it against sun damage.

Eat Healthy

Your eating habits play a huge part in energizing and regenerating your skin. Include superfoods such as Vitamin C, Avocado, nuts, berries, yam, etc. in your daily diet to have a healthier system that strengthens your skin health.

Use alcohol-free after shaves: Alcohol is a drying agent that might work well for warmer seasons but will irritate your skin during the changing ones. Nature based products with ingredients like Acacia, Sage, Yarrow, Witch Hazel, Bayberry, etc. may come to your rescue.


Drink water and then drink some more. The more hydrated you are the better your skin will be.

With all this, we hope that you can promise yourself a lot of care and attention this change of the season.

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