Winter Is Coming! Is Your Skin Ready?

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Here are a few tips to ace the game of skincare.

The weather of chunky sweaters and overcoats is almost here. And your winter wardrobe must be all set by now, but is your skin ready?

Facing the pleasant yet cold weather can be harsh on your skin.

And if you don’t start your prep today, it will be thrown off by the dry winter air.

Start using hydrating and moisturising products to not let the cold zap away natural oils from your skin.

We have some tips and suggestions for you to win the game of grooming and not let your skin hit a low point.

Cleanse Regularly


We understand that taking showers daily in the upcoming weather can be difficult, but don’t forget to cleanse your face regularly (you can skip daily baths). But choosing a hydrating face wash becomes necessary, as it won’t strip your face of natural oils. Our Hydro Power Face Wash is the aqua-bomb you need. It hydrates your skin gently with the goodness of Hyaluronic Acid and Kakadu Plum. Start using this, and your skin won’t complain of dryness or flaking.

Add A Boost

It’s time to give your face all the attention. Cleansing won’t be enough. A skin potion that provides nourishment is what you need. Using a serum that suits you is as important as water in pani puri. Our Caffeine Face Serum is just the boost your face needs to fill it with hydration and nourishment. The goodness of Coffee Arabica and Hyaluronic Acid makes it a magical product. It is beneficial to give you a refreshing start and adds a natural radiance.

Keep Up The Moisturisation

The primary step to prepare your skin for winter is moisturisation. Each body part needs to maintain its moisture because the cold season dries out the skin of its natural oils. We have a range of moisturising products for your needs. Our Caffeine Face Moisturiser hydrates and evens skin tone leaving it soft and blemish-free. We also have body lotions to make your skin nourished and hydrated.

Sun Is Still Out

Yes, winters are cold and dry, but it does not mean there is no sun. It is probably the biggest misconception that sunscreens are needed only during summer. But the reality is that applying sunscreen is necessary throughout the year. Our easy-to-use Sunscreen Mist is scientifically designed with Blue Light Technology to keep you protected from UV rays and digital radiation-induced damage. The mist works perfectly for indoor and outdoor settings.

Keep A Balm Handy

The weather and temperature can take a toll on your lips, and using a gentle yet effective lip balm becomes crucial. Our Lightening Lip Balm and Nourishing Lip Balm are your revitalising solution to get those plump and luscious lips. They can be your little promise to your lips to always keep them healthy and nourished. Get one for yourself, and you will be ready to face the winter.

Follow these few tips, and don’t let the cold take a toll on your skin. Just enjoy the cool breeze and let winter come.

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