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Wellness for Winter, Winter Care Tips, Winter Hacks
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Most guys I know take care to look their best in summer. But winter? Meh, not so much. It seems guys are so busy trying to keep themselves warm (and grappling with major survival questions like Can I go another day without a shower?), that grooming and vanity take a back seat.

Well, I don’t have the patience to wait for summer before you guys start looking awesome again. But I understand: if you’re able to take care of yourself in winter, you’ll feel like making that effort.

So let’s look at some winter care tips, to make you feel warm inside and look hot outside!

Wellness for Winter, Winter Care Tips, Winter Hacks

Rise & Shine

Yes, wake up on the right side of the bed. If you drag yourself out of your blankets cursing the weather or feeling weighed down by the fog/ smog, it’s definitely going to bring you down.

So cheer up, it’s just weather! Fight the dullness and the gray by flashing your brightest smile in the mirror 🙂

Stretch those stiff muscles once out of the bed – your neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, hamstrings and glutes (or, the muscles of the calves and butt for the non-gymmers). Because you see, if your muscles are hurting from tightness, you cannot feel your best.

Take out the time to soak up the sun for at least 15-20 minutes everyday. Not only is the Vitamin D great for your health, it works like magic for your mood as well.

Hydration in Winter

Your skin asks for extra pampering in winter. Give in! A luxurious moisturizer is a non-negotiable part of your winter care routine. Hands and lips that are cared for, add to your hot-ness quotient too 🙂 (Read up here to know what else girls find hot in a guy).

If you use a halogen heater or blower to warm up your room, you definitely need a humidifier to protect your skin from further drying out. Or, a simple hack is to place a mug of water next to the appliance, and you’re good to go! (Or, did the genius in you have that one figured out already?)

Drink sufficient water. This one you’ll just have to remember, because we tend to subconsciously suppress our thirst when it’s cold. Drink up & be merry 🙂

Wellness for Winter, Winter Care Tips, Winter Hacks

The Winter Diet

Make food choices that are winter-appropriate. All dry fruits – nuts, raisins, dates, figs – are good this season. Your winter care kit should ideally also include some immunity-boosting turmeric latte and a warm cup of saffron tea. This is the season when you can safely replace sugar with honey or jaggery.

And yes, black pepper. According to the traditional Ayurvedic wisdom, black pepper is a warming spice and hence, great for this season. By the way, it’s also rich in antioxidants; so great for the skin as well. In fact, it’s a good idea to look for this ingredient when buying skin care products in winter (like this black pepper body wash).

Let’s get real, winter can be harsh; and it’s up to you to take care of yourself. (And, if you stay all by yourself, you may like these tips in my blog Nesting On Your Own).

Wellness for Winter, Winter Care Tips, Winter Hacks

The Winter Wardrobe

Sport shades of bright blues and reds to contrast the dullness of the skies.

Invest in a good winter wardrobe – tweed jackets, bombers, overcoats, mufflers (relax, mufflers are not a political statement 😉 ) . Your clothes can lift your mood as well as help you look great when it’s gray.

So while most guys wait till March to start attracting attention, a little bit of winter care will make you look and feel awesome. And who knows, you may be the one to make Winter Love fashionable 🙂

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